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One week of winter left

ONE WEEK OF WINTER LEFT This year has whizzed by, and the fun is about to start.  There is a lot  of anticipation and expectation this season, probably more so than ever after the disappointment of last time.  There was just too much rain.  My hope that things will be different this year is due to the shift from a soggy La Nina to a … Continue reading One week of winter left

Plants of the South Pacific talk

The great reset…

The great reset  …once I finish coughing! This year has been really light on the gardening – it has been maintained but that is about it.  The combination of a horribly wet start to the year curtailed most gardening efforts because I wasn’t in a hurry to garden in torrential rain and working with sodden soil is never a good idea.   The other thing was … Continue reading The great reset…

The last day of winter

It has been all head down and bum up getting ready for this new season.  I have been working so hard across all areas of responsibility that I have taken to ending my days completely exhausted in our comfy ‘grandfather’ chair in the sun for a wee bit. I may or may not have dozed off once or twice in the welcoming warmth through the … Continue reading The last day of winter

I made something berry cool

I’m not all that technically minded, but that never stops me from trying to turn the perfect solution to a garden problem from the vision in my head into a reality.  Sometimes it works out wonderfully and I am amazed at what I managed to achieve.  Other times something get lost in the translation and, while well intentioned, I create a disaster.  Most of the … Continue reading I made something berry cool

20 days until spring

Not counting today and not that I’m counting…  actually, that is a lie.  Of course I’m counting.    It is all a bit hectic here as I race to get the garden ‘spring ready’ for this self-imposed deadline.  If I’m honest with myself, nothing much will change on the 1st of September in the garden, except I’ll probably start sowing a few seeds to get things … Continue reading 20 days until spring

Spring starts this week

That heading has so many emotions all tied up in it: “Hooray the warmer weather is on the way” “…But I’m not ready…” “Ohh so much hope and expectation – surely it will be a good season” “I’m so excited for all the possibilities” “Brace yourself for all the work” “Yay Yay, Yay, and Yay!” The push in the garden this winter to get to … Continue reading Spring starts this week

Well, that was a surprise!

After months and months of a relatively normal existence, we find ourselves once again in lockdown.  I trust that our country is doing the right thing to keep us safe as Delta attempts to darken our door.  In the meantime, here I am stuck in my most favourite place in the world – my home and garden beside the sea.  I got an inkling something … Continue reading Well, that was a surprise!

Time waits for no man

And it certainly isn’t waiting for this gardener!   I have been in and out of the garden this week, but I can say without a shadow of doubt, I’m not progressing with my spring preparations as quickly as I’d like.  It isn’t like I’m not achieving things, because I’ve ticked off some pretty big items off the to-do list.  I just underestimate just how far … Continue reading Time waits for no man