You can’t beat a good mulch

Sometimes you know you need something, but just can’t have it.   So you try your best to make do and manage with what you can, but once you get your hands on something of quality then nothing else will do and then you make a way.   This could apply to many things in the garden and the amount of times I’m made do with inferior … Continue reading You can’t beat a good mulch

Straw for the Strawberries

My strawberries, historically have had a bit of a rough ride.  I would just take the goods until they slowed down and then would neglect them until it was time to start to think of them again.  This was generally in August in late winter where I’d be out there in the freezing cold trying to disentangle the patch from a jungle of weeds as … Continue reading Straw for the Strawberries

I Made a Mistake

Months ago back in the autumn I wasn’t thinking.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of the convenience of my spring self.  And now my spring self is a little disappointed with my autumn self. You see I grow wheat each autumn, not for the seeds, but for its lovely stalks.  I don’t want it to go to seed or it will cause problems.  Because when you … Continue reading I Made a Mistake

Today is a momentous day – its potato day!

Every year I mark in my calendar this day, having specially counted back from the harvest date so I know they will be perfect for harvesting on the right day and today my calendar popped up with a reminder:  plant spuds. You see the thing is – I like to grow Jersey Benne spuds, among the other varieties I grow.  They are the first ones … Continue reading Today is a momentous day – its potato day!