Sweet As

As we say here in New Zealand everything is Sweet As, which means its pretty good.  Earlier this week I made a video and the garden was in such a lovely place – the grass was low, the weeds were mostly gone and the soil was dry.  I was able to plant and sow and things were sweet as.  It was also a cheeky nod to the cool sweet peas I’ve sown.  Things felt amazing!

Blue sky day
How can you not feel hopeful on a day like this

And then we had the rain.  It didn’t rain for long – just a day and in the end not much more than 110mm.  Now today we are back to the glorious blue sky days we had before like nothing ever happened.  Except I have a layer of water shimmering in the sun below the level of the grass.

Blue sky day
The garden should dry out in no time

So I’m back to the old waiting game – waiting for things to have drained enough to be able to work in the garden without damaging the soil structure.  The good news is it seems to be draining away quicker than before and the soil is making that satisfying sucking sound.

Blue sky day
Things will be ok

So check out my video of better times…  it is amazing the difference a few days can make.

Come again soon – the garden will be sweet as again soon enough.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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    1. I got these seed trays from a local online site and they seem to do well and last several seasons – although I have had some break. The plastic is very robust and ideal for starting off seedlings. It does make a huge difference to have good quality equipment. : o)

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