Under the sun

I’ve been away.  Not only that, I’ve time travelled!  With the garden mostly under control it was the perfect time to have a bit of a holiday.   For the keen gardener mid-winter really is the best time to take a break as there isn’t really a lot going on and besides – it is cold and miserable so who wouldn’t want to go somewhere tropical?  … Continue reading Under the sun

So that’s how pineapple grows

Well to be honest I already knew, but Hubby the Un-Gardener genuinely had no idea.  He hadn’t really given it much thought, but was of the misguided understanding that they grew underground. This time a couple of days ago (as I write) we found ourselves in a volcanic crater, on a stinking hot, yet humid day on the island of Moorea in Tahiti.  It was … Continue reading So that’s how pineapple grows