I’ve been away

After all of the dramatic events of the last nine months – making the decision to move, preparing the house to sell, not to mention the extremely stressful sale process.  That is the only thing you can’t control and stands firmly between you and your dreams.  Then making the move to the new place, with the festive season smack bang in the middle of the packing up the worldly possessions stage, added to the intensity of the times we were in.    Add to this – not just moving house but moving a house, which was then ravaged by a great storm before being settled firmly on its foundations.   Exciting times.  During this experience our family was drawn closer together with 100 days living in a caravan – 40 of which had no internet.  The upside was it was summer, so it was like a strange camping trip.

Our house
On a gorgeous midwinter day, it was difficult to tear ourselves away, even if our destination was wonderfully exotic.

Now we are in the house, the garden is being built and on track to be ready for the new growing season it seemed like the ideal time to take a well-earned mid-winter break.  For 12 magnificent days we basked in the warmth of the incredible Tahitian sun.  I was completely off the clock and focused on relaxing and restoration, so I could approach the new growing season with gusto upon our return.  But I can share with you a few images I captured from this beautiful place.

Spring starts in 41 days and it is far from the normal start to my usual growing seasons.  I still have beds build and to fill, sort out my under glass growing solution, get a shed, sort out a reliable water source and so much more.  So, I have come back from my break rearing to go.

Come again soon – I think there will need to be some lists.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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    1. Yes indeed. There is so much going on I feel like I’m conducting an orchestra, trying to make sure everything that needs to happen gets done before the start of the growing season. But it will be so worth it in the end. : o)

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