Who flipped the switch?

This time last week it was hot and muggy.  So hot we slept with the door open (if you are reading this and you are a burglar contemplating robbing us blind – we very rarely sleep with everything  unlocked to don’t waste your time coming over to our house).  It was a restless night’s sleep after a balmy late (extremely late) summer type day.  We have become quite complacent and assume that it will be warm again each day.

Dill reaching up into an endless blue sky
Dill reaching up into an endless blue sky

Then on Friday we had some friends over for dinner and we did what we usually do when we entertain – we ate alfresco.  (It always sounds so much posher when you say alfresco, but it was just a BBQ with steak and burger patties and a salad I whipped up, nothing fancy.)  As the sun went down we fired up the patio heater – but once again there is nothing unusual about that and often have it on when entertaining on a summer evening – we are in New Zealand after all, not somewhere tropical!

Essential BBQ tools?
Essential BBQ tools?

So it wasn’t until we got up to come inside that we realised just how cold it actually was.  The contrast between inside and outside was considerable.  All of a sudden my feet felt cold and I had to go and look for socks!  Then I got into bed and realised the duvet wasn’t going to be enough for the night and so I went off in search of further bedding and chucked a couple of extra blankets on the kids beds too.  If mum is cold then the whole world must be cold too.  My feet never really warmed up again.

Can't really argue with the numbers
Can’t really argue with the numbers

The ultimate nail in the coffin of summer is the clocks have now gone back and that one hour has a huge effect on seasonal perception.  Or coincidentally there is a cold front moving up the country.  Either way the nights are definitely getting longer and colder and I can no longer kid myself that it is still summer…  but….

A heavy dew clings to my wheat
A heavy dew clings to my wheat

I have one more trick up my sleeve.  I still have tomatoes in my garden and while there are tomatoes in my garden, no matter how manky the plant looks then it is still summer in my world, even if I have to wrap up warm to go and get one for my tea!

Not the last tomato on the plants
A little ray of sunshine and not the last tomato

Come again soon – there are still loads that need harvesting so things are still as exciting as that first ripe zuke back in early spring.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

13 thoughts on “Who flipped the switch?

    1. Hi Lucinda, We are starting to feel the cold and at this point is seems nice and cozy, although I will delay lighting the fire for as long as I can.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. It’s amazing how fast it happens! We’re flipping on the AC and breaking out the shorts…two weeks ago things were frozen solid!
    Now it’s time for you to get the turnips and spinach into the ground. 😀
    P.S. That is one manky looking tomato! But, I know exactly how you feel…as long as there are ‘maters on the plants, summer isn’t over yet.

    1. Hi Jenn. My tomato may look manky but it is a tomato nonetheless! Luckily I can grow all year round so pulling out the tomato plants isn’t as sad as it could be.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Its getting colder here in Tassie to. I guess we are sort of your sister state (albeit teeny and inconsequential 😉 ) and suddenly I am wearing jumpers in the morning and something on my feet. There is a thick pea souper fog outside telling me that it’s going to be another gorgeous 22C day BUT no rain…I don’t mind the cold if we get a bit of rain to stop me having to water the veggie garden and we still have lots of tomatoes, chillies and eggplants on our plants and they are still covered in flowers! Mental plants! 🙂 Would you like me to send you Earl as a hot water bottle? I have been sweating buckets thanks to his new desire to snuggle up against me as I sleep (to warm his skinny hide 😉 )

    1. Hi Fran. I have had a wonderful time trying to find socks that appear to have gone into hiding over summer! Time for new ones I think. Our days are starting cold and crisp, but then once it gets going it’s really hot – provided the sun is still there. But still no rain – what is up with that! They keep promising it but it never comes. Apparently we have to cross our fingers for Tues / Thu next week!
      You can tell it’s getting cold – Toast the cat has now joined us in bed at night (so we don’t need Earl – thanks anyway).
      Have a great week.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. I am sure that the spectacular “event” that would occur should Earl ever find himself on a bed with Toast the cat would generate enough friction to warm your bed for the next decade! ;). We are the same here in Tassie… no rain…nice cool weather but no rain. I think the Americans are hoarding their winter! “Time to give it up you guys, we NEED that rain!” 😉

  3. I know that feeling, we have had a light frost the past two mornings, but as the tomatos are still glowing and the midday is hot, i can just sit back a little longer enjoying my four seasons in one day instead of ripping everything out. Looking forward to getting acquainted with your blog-shame you cant make it to bloggers connecting, pumping people for gardening advice is my hobby/vice!
    Max x

    1. Hi Max. Goodness a frost! I think I need to up my monitoring of the weather forecast. I am really disappointed about missing bloggers connecting but I only found out about it 3 hours ago! I’d love to meet with other bloggers. Maybe next time – no actually – definitely next time!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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