And the sun shone brightly.

There is a lesson to be learnt here while winter gardening.  If the sun shines – get outside and take full advantage because you don’t know how long it will last.  We woke up to a lovely sunny morning and so I decided to do my Tuesday actual work stuff, which I got through quite quickly and then I pottered about the place doing bits and pieces inside until I thought “Right. Now I am ready to go outside and garden.”

Not exactly ideal gardening conditions
Not exactly ideal gardening conditions

What I didn’t realise is, while I was working away inside the weather was also busy – changing completely and I opened the door to go outside and was greeted with torrential rain – the kind with the big fat drops that only need four of them to saturate you.  I shut the door again and had a rethink.  I couldn’t do nothing – that would drive me crazy.  So I grabbed the keys and made a dash to the car in a brief moment where the rain had seemed to ease enough for me to dodge the fat drops by going around then.

I headed off to the hardware store to look for things to make my “anti-mouse seed protector device” version 2.  I went up and down every aisle examining anything that could remotely be used to bring the image in my head to life.  I was looking for two things – functionality and affordability.  Actually three things… easy to assemble – hard work at this point is undesirable.  I am looking for a cheap quick fix to my mouse problem.  This, of course, is where the problem lies with version 1.

I must have had a puzzled look on my face as a scoured the shelves for just the right thing as the sales assistants kept asking if I needed any help, to which I would reply “I’m just thinking outside the box.  I’ll know what I need when I see it” They responded with that ‘OOOOKKKKK’ that people use when they think you are crazy!

I was not expecting to come home with a tree
I was not expecting to come home with a tree

After thoroughly examining the hardware area I decided I needed time to think and so I treated myself to a quick tour of the garden centre section.  That was a bad idea.  I came away from there with a tree.  I didn’t intend to buy a tree, but it was a fruit tree so I was just buying stuff for the kids lunch boxes in a few years’ time!  It was a blackboy peach and they are supposed to be a really amazing fruit and I could justify the purchase as it was half price.  And as it was half price I  could then justify spending the amount I had just saved on a Chilean Guava because it was there.  It did say on the label that it made a great jam… how far can I stretch that lunch box theory?

This shrub also came as a complete surprise!
This shrub also came as a complete surprise!

Having deliberated on the raw materials for my “anti-mouse seed protector device” version 2, I whipped up and down the aisles and picked up some insect screen, which the nice lady assured me was made of fibreglass, some L brackets, some corner brackets (which I didn’t end up using – but there will be other projects) and some hacksaw blades.  I had screws and nuts at home.

An unlikely collection of bits and pieces
An unlikely collection of bits and pieces

Once back at home the bodgery began again.  I took the L brackets and hacksaw blades and screwed them together to form a box shape.  The cutty part of the blade faced inward.  I didn’t quite have enough blades so I snuck into the big shed and stole a couple Hubby the Un-Gardeners ones.  I hope he won’t notice or won’t mind – whatever comes first.

Then I cut the insect screen to size and decided to attach it to the frame with my hot glue gun.  This took a bit of trial and error getting it right, and if I was bothered about making it pretty then I would go for the “anti-mouse seed protector device” version 3.  But pretty isn’t necessary – it just needs to work.  I hope it does.  I’ll put it to the test at the very next opportunity.  Until then it just has to stop raining!

Daa Dahhh!  I hope it works!
Daa Dahhh! I hope it works!

Come again soon – I reckon I am very close to winning this wee battle of the mice.

Sarah the Gardener : o )

10 thoughts on “And the sun shone brightly.

    1. Hi Wendy. We are nearly at the shortest day and then it is downhill to summer! I am clinging tightly to this thought as I know we haven’t seen the worst of winter yet!
      I can’t wait to try the first peach on a hot summers day… hmmm…
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. Wow, that is a heavy rain. We get so little of it here in California, that I’m always stunned to see how hard it comes down in other places.

    LOL on the tree purchase (kids lunches). I like the way you think.

    Best of luck with the anti-mouse device. Can’t wait to hear the results

    1. Hi Alys. Gosh it must be nice to live in a place with so little rain. It really makes it unpleasant to go about your day – especially if you are away from home all day as once you are wet you kinda stay like it.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. Sarah, the more blogs I read, the more I appreciate the weather we have. My sister is disabled, and while living in Iowa (rain, sleet, snow, repeat) it was quite the production moving from home to van to work and back. She relies on a motorized scooter, and would have to use a walker to get to the back of her van, then cover the scooter as she unloaded it, then cover herself and the scooter to keep dry from van to office. Very labor intensive. I figured out a cheap and easy system using a plastic party tablecloth ($2) that she clipped over the scooter to keep dry. Enjoy those sunny days that come your way.

  2. The anti-mouse device I hope it keeps them out. Black boy peach is a very old peach but will need protecting from the frost. Where I live the weather forecast said it could possibly snow. In August 2011, it did snow heavy so it might snow again. It is raining hard now.

    1. Hi Tracy. Snow – Cool! we never get snow! Actually I lie we got the tiniest sprinkling of snow in that August 2011 storm, but it was so insignificant – I’ve seen frosts more impressive.
      The rain is really heavy here too and has been like it most of the day. Oh the joys of winter!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Chilean / cherry guava is fabulous! I used to make a lovely fruit sauce for it that was magic on vanilla ice-cream. mm, tangy guava goodness!

    It’s been raining here in Tas too and it’s too wet to get out in the garden but I’m not complaining as it has been so dry for so very long. It feels like the earth is heaving great sighs of relief as the water soaks in.

  4. Chilean guavas grow really well from cuttings Sarah so pretty soon you could have a whole hedge of them 🙂 Be careful though as dogs love to eat them. Nothing wrong with the dog eating them (health wise) just you might not get many! 😉

    1. Thanks Fran, thats good to know – about the cuttings because we haven’t got a dog. Although I’m sure the goats would snaffle up the whole bush given half a chance!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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