Not long now.

Very soon – like in days – I’ll be sowing my first seeds of the season and I’m really excited.  However I have been meaning to test the viability of some of the seeds I sorted out recently, but the strawberries completely stole all my attention.  Then while doing an extraordinary amount of waiting for an appointment, I could only get my gardening fix from the magazines I brought with me.  Experience has taught me not to rely on the reading material provided by hospitals as they are often very old  – think  1976, and you have already read it from cover to cover last time you were there doing an inordinate amount of waiting.

Nicely laid out seeds - germinate little seeds - I need you!
Nicely laid out seeds – germinate little seeds – I need you!

In a couple of different places I read articles about how to test the viability of seeds.  Now if I didn’t take this as a huge sign that this is what I should be doing and prompt me into action then I’m not the brightest star in the sky.  Although I don’t need magazine articles to remind me to do what has been niggling in my mind for days and days that almost stretch into weeks.    I need to test my older seeds, so I can order more and get them sowed before the ideal window passes me by and I end up playing catch up all season.  Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy, especially when it comes to procrastination.

So I stole a moment in time, when I should have been doing other things more urgent in the eyes of others – things like vacuuming and washing dishes and sorting socks, and I set about testing my seeds.

All bundled up - a season of potential locked into a plastic bag
All bundled up – a season of potential locked into a plastic bag

I got a whole roll of paper towels and ripped off double sheets and wrote the name of each seed I wanted to test on each pair of paper sheets.  Then I laid the lot – with their labels facing up – in a shallow dish, with some water in it and allowed the towels to soak up the water.  By learning the hard way, I found it was best to stack the sheets in the dish at a quarter turn to the previous one to help prevent them sticking together and turning into a torn, soggy mess.

Next I got the seeds I wanted to test and put ten seeds on to the top paper towel – nicely spaced and then folded it up in a way that made the label visible on the outside but the seeds were snuggly contained on the inside, like some kind of soggy origami.   I gently squeezed out the excess moisture and locked them all in a large zip lock style bag and put them in the top of the hot water cupboard.

Their new abode for the next five days while their actions determine their fate.
Their new abode for the next five days while their actions determine their fate.

I’m going to give them five days to identify themselves as worthy to go in my garden.  I don’t have time to muck about on some fickle seed intent on mucking me about.  In the meantime I may just order more….  Just in case.

Come again soon – the sun is still shining, the hose is set on a timer and I can get on with actually building stuff!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

16 thoughts on “Not long now.

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve promised Little Mudlet all my old/out of date seeds, to use in a picture she wants to do (just need to get her some glue) which should prevent me from being tempted to try and grow them next season.

    Of course it means I’ll need to buy lots of new seeds ….. 😉

    1. Hi There. I’ve learnt the hard way that caring for your seeds is almost as important as having good soil. I have wasted enough time in the past wondering if seeds are actually going to come up. Well not any more!… hopefully…
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. You reminded me to start my back-up fall seedlings, thank you! And best of luck in the seed trials. Hopefully they all spring forth with gusto!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the luck with the seeds. I also hope they go well, so I don’t have to buy too many more. Having said that, choosing new seeds is always a bit of fun.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. EEK! Is it time to start sowing already?!!! I had best get stuck into the big fully enclosed veggie garden ASAP or this coming season is going to be a bit of a fizzhog…

    1. Hi Fran, Yeah… it is coming that time…. I’ve still go loads to do, but my first job is getting that greenhouse up…
      Good luck with your garden. It will be an awesome space when it’s finished and will be the envy of gardeners across the world!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi There. The thing is, they put so many seeds in a packet – more than you’ll ever use in a season, lulling you into a false sense of security, but they just don’t last forever and if you aren’t careful, they will let you down and set you back at the beginning of the growing season.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Lucinda. I am determined to be more responsible with my seeds from now one. They are the key to it all. Without them there would be no garden. When I first started gardening I didn’t realise that you needed to take special care of seeds to make them last.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. What a cool idea!, I am dreadful at keeping seed I dont use and sowing it the following year and getting a slow germ rate. Thanks for the tip.

    1. HI Sharon. This year is the year I take charge of my seeds. I am determined to be organised in this area. Without seeds the garden is just dirt.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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