The ups and downs of gardening.

I was VERY calm when I heard the crash.  I was even calm when I saw the mess.   I surprised myself as to how calm I was when I realised it was my tiny pepper seedlings that were no longer on their warm heat mat, but lying about the floor with dirt and labels and little green leaves everywhere.

The fact that I passed a speeding cat leaving the scene of the crash as the same time as I was racing toward it gives me a clue as to what happened.  The temperatures have dropped a little here and I think somebody was looking for a warm spot to sleep.   Hopefully it frightened her enough not to go there again.

Here we go again - seed sowing - take two!
Here we go again – seed sowing – take two!

I looked at the fragile little seedlings and began to scoop them up and replant them, but the hopelessness of this soon dawned on me.  I won’t know which is which and there are some really hot chillies in there…  There was nothing for it but to start again – as soon as possible!  But I had run out of seed raising mix.  So I ordered the kids in the car and we drove to the supermarket where I raced straight to the garden supply aisle and grabbed a bag.  Luckily the supermarket stocks it as there would have been nowhere else open at that time of evening.  Then I raced home again and without even taking off my jacket, I started again sowing the seeds.  We are back in business and I’ve only lost three weeks.  We should be fine – hopefully.

Looking just like a real greenhouse
Looking just like a real greenhouse

On the upside, the greenhouse frame is pretty much there.  I just need to sort out the door.  During it’s time in storage it had a bit of a run in with some plaster, and so it needs a bit of a clean-up, but it is coming along nicely.  I am so stoked with how it all looks.

There are several problems with this location!
There are several problems with this location!

I grabbed a tape measure and headed outside.  My chosen spot has a few problems – it gets shaded by the big shed, the ground is uneven and there is what remains of the soil mountain in the way.  A lot of work is required to get the space ready for it.  Then I looked over at the old manky polycarbonate one and decided, why should this old decrepit thing get the prime spot and so somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, cogs started to turn and slowly but surely the decision was reached.  The old greenhouse needs to come down.   Well it would be greedy to have two anyway.

Why should this old thing get the best spot?
Why should this old thing get the best spot?

All in all it was a huge day for a number of reasons, but looking back over it I feel good.

Come again soon – there will be some destruction in Assembly August.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

13 thoughts on “The ups and downs of gardening.

  1. Bad luck with the seedlings but as you say it’s only three weeks which shouldn’t impact too much on your growing schedule.

    The greenhouse frame is looking fab (and I’m saying nothing about my already having two greenhouses and desperately wanting a third, even bigger one :D).

    1. Hi Elaine. I was really surprised how well I coped with the whole drama. Ordinarily this sort of thing would result in tears or shouting or both. The family are generally frightened of times like these.

      The new greenhouse is bigger than the old one – yay!

      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Tracy. In my old and manky greenhouse – before it was old and manky – I kept a chair in there and Toast the Cat would sleep on that.
      I’m not so sure I would be too happy with flattened plants – but at least they’re not killed.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Major bummer on the seed trays. I can picture it as you describe, too:kitty in search of a warm spot. Maybe you can spare a warming pad for the cat, down lower and away from the seeds, just in case.

    That green house is amazing. Great call on the new (old) location. I can’t wait to see if finished. What a treat to have such a thing.

    1. HI Alys. Now I make sure the door to that room stays firmly shut and I’m trying to get the greenhouse up and in use as fast as I can.
      It was a bit sad to start pulling the old one down, but it is not long fit for service, Which is a shame.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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