I have to say it is great to have electricity again, I really appreciate its value, especially when it enables my heater to heat my wee office because the temperatures have really dropped.  However on the flip side of not having electricity yesterday,  it meant today was spent in my cosy wee office catching up on computer gardening.  So much so I was in danger … Continue reading Powerful


There is nothing like trying circumstances to make things happen.  And as if the situation we find ourselves in right now isn’t trying enough, the step down to level 3 has meant the power company has gone back to work.  Ordinarily this really doesn’t concern me, however they have been doing maintenance work to replace all the power poles in our area.  This has meant … Continue reading Powerless

Let’s shelve that idea

Last week was very exciting for me.  Even more exciting than sowing seeds, and that is a big call because sowing seeds is one of the highlights of spring.  There is something almost magical in taking inert bits that parted company from the parent plant a long time ago – for some seeds that could be years ago and plunge them into moist warm soil … Continue reading Let’s shelve that idea

Spring is Knocking on the door

I have a confession.  I have been holding out on you.  But I wanted it to be a surprise.  You see after the big storm back in April, when the house was still up on jacks, while the foundations underneath were being built, that brought with it 212km gusts straight off the ocean, I realised I’d have to adjust my vision for the garden a … Continue reading Spring is Knocking on the door