Three weeks have gone in the blink of an eye

Oh my gosh, what has happened to a large chunk of my life?  Oh I know – it has been lost in the garden with days and days of endless toil, falling into bed late at night too exhausted to lift a finger and type a single letter!

The small beginnings of a fantastic harvest
The small beginnings of a fantastic harvest

After losing a few weeks to illness, and then some more trying to get back on top of the things I didn’t get done while I was ill, the garden had to take a back seat for a while.  This couldn’t have come at a worst time.  It fell over the optimum time to plant the garden out.  So aware of running a bit behind schedule I made a gigantic push and got the job done!  Phew.

Red currants look like jewels - even when they are green!
Red currants look like jewels – even when they are green!

It is such a relief to know it is all in and all it has to do now is grow big and strong for me, and I just need to water, weed and give it the occasional feed.  I feel like I have been liberated from an unhealthy relationship where I love the garden, but it had become a little clingy, a little needy.  But now we are on more solid ground – a place of mutual respect – I do for it and it does for me!  None of this guilt inducing screaming from the greenhouse.  There are still a few things in there – mostly flowers, but they are just dainty things who speak in hushed tones and it is easier to lob water at them and turn a deaf ear.

The kohlrabi is almost ready to eat.
The kohlrabi is almost ready to eat.

I stood back today with my favourite weeding tool in my hand and just admired all I had achieved.  Every year I have a bit of a wobble where I think “why am I doing this?  I could easily not do anything this year.”  But I know deep down it would break my heart to see my garden undone all year.   It doesn’t help that each year the garden seems to get a little bigger!  So I push on and eventually come out the other side like I did today and feel justifiably proud.  It has had a fresh mow and is looking lovely.

Even The Mudlet Chilli got planted out in the garden.
Even The Mudlet Chilli got planted out in the garden.

 It’s growth is being compared to The Tim and Joey Chilli which is being grown on the other side of the world at The Land Rover Owners Wife in England,          check it >here <

Come and see for yourself…  Watch my latest You Tube video, and if you compare it to the one from three weeks ago you will see what I mean…

Come again soon – now is the time to relax and enjoy the garden, before everything starts growing like wild fire and turns into a jungle, not that I’ll notice because I’ll be too busy preserving the harvest!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

16 thoughts on “Three weeks have gone in the blink of an eye

    1. Hi Jessica. When you have an idea in your mind of how things will be in the end, it becomes really hard to give up, no matter how enormous the task. I keep telling myself “how do you eat an elephant … one spoonful at a time” and so it often surprises me when I look up and realise the elephant has gone! I am so pleased with what I have achieved in the garden – but now I have to keep it looking good… It is going to be a long summer! Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi there. The year has raced by so fast. I can’t believe we are on the edge of summer already. I am mentally still back in early spring willing time to slow down. We have our first Christmas Party tonight – and so there is no getting away from it – the year is almost done.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. Wow! Your garden looks AMAZING! I have to admit I have a little envy over your artichokes, I tried a couple of plant this year with no buds and anemic growth. Not good. I think I am going to try a few out in my front yard with better sun. Great job! What a harvest it will be!

    1. Thanks Keith. I think the artichokes are about 6 or 7 years old. I grew them from seed not knowing anything about them other than I thought it would be cool to grow them! They obviously like it here! All the best with yours.
      Cheers Sarah

  2. Super garden, so much work. I am impressed by that rose, but so many other things on the video before that. Your parsley is seeding, I couldn’t even get mine to sprout. I will try again this spring, you have inspired me. Keep up the great work, and hope you stay healthy!! Loved the sound of the youngsters in the background gave me a good idea of your temperatures. It is just above freezing here today, but the sun is out, so that is nice.

    1. Hi Lucinda. Yesterday was about 20C (68F) and had mostly blue skies. Today seems like it will be the same again. The kids had their first swim in the pool, which was really cool. It needs to be really hot before I’ll get in – I’m a bit of a sook!
      I love my wee rose. I certainly didn’t expect it to flower so soon. There is another one with leaves a more purple shade so I can’t wait to see what that flower looks like!
      Thanks for your lovely kind words.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Welcome back and hugs from Tassie :). Our own garden project has been hijacked by an overzealous crazed lecturer who apparently forgot that he had a few units that absolutely POSITIVELY had to be completed before the end of the year, but dumped them on top of our huge final assessment…160 hours of work to be accomplished in 3 weeks…cheers mate! Sorry garden, you are going to have to wait a little bit BUT this weekend we are getting our veggies in. We have it on good authority (long standing native Taswegians) that now is the perfect time for veggie planting in Tassie. Cheers guys, I thought I had missed my window of opportunity. For once I applaud Tassies fickle short season! :). Again, so good to have you back and you will enjoy the fruits of all of that screaming in the near future 🙂

    1. HI Fran. It is good to be back. I was starting to feel like something was missing. I had still been writing, but a different sort of writing. So as a result there was a backlog of thoughts in my head – in fact most of them them are still there waiting for the opportunity to have their day in the sun – sadly many have missed their moment and so will probably rattle around in there forever! Enjoy your cool new garden. Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. Another book methinks? :). Thoughts are wonderful things. When you are young they stick around for ages and when you get older they zip in and out of your head in seconds but the best bit is that as you age they come back! You will be sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons (setting the scene, highly unlikely I will ever be doing this when I am sufficiently “aged” enough for this to occur…) and BAM. You remember where you put your keys 25 years ago. A bit late admittedly but still…you might just have to wait for those thoughts to come back a bit later in life…might be an idea to stockpile that pigeon feed 😉

  4. Looking great!!! so rewarding to see the little flowers or the little formation of the veges to come. it is going to be a great year of harvest. My garden is all flowering and forming as well, exciting time!!!!! took lots of progress photos but didn’t get to upload any, yet. This year we going to have plenty of new exotic fruits as well as veggies. just hoping that it won’t be too dry………

    1. Hi Dina. This is a really exciting time in the garden, after all the nurturing and caring and the plants are off in the garden starting to do their thing. It is sort of like taking the training wheels off a kids bike and they are riding off into the distance by themselves. Although with plants the harvest isn’t too far way. The weather keeps threatening to be dry, but then a heavy soil quenching rain falls from the sky and all is ok again. Cheers Sarah : o )

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