Spring is a season of new beginnings

A time to sow and time to launch.

It's such a great little book.
It’s such a great little book.

Now you may have noticed that I haven’t been as bloggy this last year as in previous years as I have been a bit distracted.  I have written this most amazing kids gardening book PLAY IN THE GARDEN and it will be released in good book stores in New Zealand on September 5th.   So super excited!

This is such a cool idea
This is such a cool idea

When I was asked to write a kids gardening book, I almost said no, because Tim the Helper and the Joeyosaurus aren’t that interested in gardening unless it is easy or there is something to eat!  They start out with a whiz and a bang all full of enthusiasm and grand dreams of a fabulous harvest in their corner of the garden.  Then they lose interest, and let’s face it, dealing with pests and weeds and having the patience to see a garden through to the end is hard enough for adults, let alone kids.

We had so much fun doing this project
We had so much fun doing this project

But I thought about it and came up with some ways to get the boys away from the lure of their screens and join me in the garden for a summer of fun.  I didn’t set aside a garden for them, I used that space to grow things that we could use for exciting projects.  They did have to help me out from time to time with the whole garden, but they enjoyed caring for the plants, once they knew what we were going to do with them.  We had a blast last summer and it will be great to do it again this year.

Looking good
Looking good

It is a cute little book, with fabulous illustrations, and jam packed with projects for the whole season.  I am so chuffed with it.

It will also be available outside New Zealand through Fishpond – I’ll put a link below if anyone is interested.

So I have been pottering about in the garden getting things all ready and tidy for the season and free up some time needed for the launch of Play in the Garden.

Spick and span and ready for a new season
Spick and span and ready for a new season

The lawns have been mowed and most of the beds are weed free and ready to go.  I still have to do the strawberries, and the brassicas, and the bed beside the shed that I build because I could get away with it, but am not sure how to use it.  I’m thinking nursery bed for transplanting in warmer weather, so the seedlings don’t dry out as easily as they do in pots in the height of summer.  The shed got a bit of a spring clean, but that was no thanks to the efforts of a mouse to wreck as much havoc as it’s furry little body could do!  A surprizing amount!  Let’s just say the mouse problem has been taken care of.

Don't go awwh cute, because he's not cure - he is a pest!!!
Don’t go awwh cute, because he’s not cure – he is a pest!!!

I have my seeds at the ready and apart from my chillies and peppers, half of which are doing great, and the other half are still lazing beneath the soil.  I’m not worried too much – yet, as I have had some in the past take up to 53 days to come up!  The rest of the seeds are in my seed box, which I have been tempted to whip out and start, because I want to, really, really want to.  But I just need to cast my memory back to last year when I sowed my tomato seeds midway through August and when the time came to pop them in the garden they were quite large – bigger than any on sale in the garden centres.  So I wait for spring – only 5 days to go, but oh how much a tomato can grow in 5 days in the middle of spring!

We have true leaves!  wahoo!
We have true leaves! wahoo!

I am so spring ready it is amazing.  This has never happened before.  Normally I am fighting to get things done before the seedlings need their beds!

Spring you can start now - I'm good to go!
Spring you can start now – I’m good to go!

Come again soon – I’m itching to sow seeds.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )


26 thoughts on “Spring is a season of new beginnings

  1. Wonderful to get a book out there that can help children become interested in gardening at a young age. Best wishes for it to be a very big success.

    1. Thanks Marina. The lure of technology is huge for kids, but just as much fun can be had outdoors. I hope people enjoy the book as much as we did writing it. Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Sarah I’ve been waiting for the launch of your book. How exciting! I plan to buy two copies, one to keep and one for our Little Free Library. Congratulations on blending three loves: writing, children and gardening. I’m so incredibly impressed.

    I know mice are pests but they’re cute, too. I guess a bit of both. I have a soft heart for all little critters.

    Your garden beds look absolutely amazing. Congratulations on pulling it all together along with a remodeled house. I hope you have a well-deserved time to relax just ahead.

    1. HI Alys. I am looking very forward to a time of relaxing, but I think it may be a way off just yet. Thanks so much for being one of my biggest fans. I love the thought of the book being in the Little Free Library – that is so cool.
      (oh and I didn’t hurt the mouse – he escaped!)
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Julie. The boys and I had so much fun writing the book, I really hope other families will have as much fun, there are loads of cool projects.
      I can’t believe just how destructive a small mouse can be!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. I often think that writing for children is the hardest kind of writing, so well done. Congratulations on the new book and I hope it is a roaring success 🙂

    Now can you please stop wishing our summer away ……. 😉 🙂

    1. Hi Elaine. The cool thing about this book is, it is more aimed at families – grownups and kids, because grownups really need to help out in the garden, kids can’t do it alone. It has loads of helpful advice on how to garden for those who have never done it before.
      When I wrote it I just pretended I was chatting to friends and their kids and it seemed to come together well.

      Oh and sorry about the spring/summer thing. You can have payback in 6 months! The mornings and evenings are getting lighter – But I’m not so sure it’s getting warmer just yet though.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. HI There.

      The countdown to spring has to be the most exciting time of year for a gardener. I’m more excited than a kid before Christmas!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Wendy. This is where is get freaky, seeing you work pop up in all sorts of places… I really hope kids get to find a love of gardening from this, instead of seeing technology as the only real form of entertainment.
      I do struggle sometimes with my boys as they are so much more on to technology than me and so can be hard at times to distract them from it – so I drag them into the garden. We did have a lot of fun writing the book together.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. lol, I imagine it’s like a musician hearing his first song play on the radio.
        I have always had a vege garden but none of my kids are interested in gardening unfortunately so it makes me really chuffed to see so many of the younger generation getting their children into gardening. The older kids, well yes, they seem to like their gaming alot, that would frustrate the hell out of me so glad my kids are grown 🙂

  4. Well done Ms Sarah! Extra kudos credits for you :). Giving kids a vehicle to take hold of their own futures by learning to garden is a most wonderful way to earn a crust :). I have lots of seeds…now I just need to get them planted at the right time and voila…garden :). I think we might just have sorted out the possum problem. I left a nice big bucket of juicy compost inside Sanctuary the day before last…completely irresistible to possums and it is still in bucket form which goes to show that we might have cracked it! Either that…or they are all away in New Zealand on holidays 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah. These days the lure of technology on our kids is very strong and so what we are offering instead needs to be fun. I really enjoy seeing my kids outside enjoying themselves. Cheers Sarah : o )

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