Garden 21 Trevor Gifford Rose Garden

I’ve been away again.

I’ve been away again. But the best kind of away.  I put on one of my favourite hats to do my job as a Botanical Tour Guide for Botanica World Discoveries.  I hosted a bus load of garden tourists across New Zealand over two back-to-back tours.  Firstly, it was the NZ Taranaki Garden Spectacular and Private Gardens Tour followed by the NZ Private Gardens and … Continue reading I’ve been away again.

Queen of Hearts

October is such a gauntlet to run for us.  With birthday’s, school holidays and then the obligatory back to school haircuts, stationary kit refresh and new shoes, the garden can become a little neglected.  Not intentionally, but life can get in the way which can be quite challenging as we are in the heart of spring and things need to be done. Fortunately, I’ve been … Continue reading Queen of Hearts

Spring has come early

With 9 days left of winter, you would easily believe spring is already here.  The weather has been settled for over a week, with gentle frosts most mornings, and balmy afternoons that almost have you shed your jumper in favour of a tee-shirt.  It is taking all my self-control not to get started and fill my greenhouse full of seedlings.  But we are still in … Continue reading Spring has come early

Blast from the past: Summer is a white rabbit.

I can be a bit forgetful at times, which is why I try to be so good with my plant labels and by writing down what I’ve done at the end of each day. When I’m not using my automatic water distributor and want to perk up one crop I set the alarm on my phone or that garden can be watered rather more than … Continue reading Blast from the past: Summer is a white rabbit.

I’m running out of thyme

Well… not exactly.  I have enough thyme.  It is just it has been in the ground for so long now that the centre is dying out, despite the lush growth and the frequent clippings I’ve been giving it.  It tastes so good in all my hearty winter dishes.  Even with its bald patch in the centre, it seems determined to take over my herb garden, … Continue reading I’m running out of thyme