The big day is upon us….

It doesn’t get more exciting than this in the garden!

Well actually the sowing the first seeds is pretty cool and then when one pops up has me jumping for joy.  The first flash of red – be it strawberry or tomato is cause for celebration!  But for now the boffins have declared the weather safe – there shall be no more frosts!  possibly….   maybe….  hopefully…

Please share in my happiness and wild excitement. I have made a ‘state of the garden’ movie.  So grab some popcorn (homegrown preferable) and see what I’ve been up to.

Come again soon – next time the garden will be a whole different place – you may not recognise it!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

13 thoughts on “The big day is upon us….

  1. Visitng from blogging 201. Wonderful Just what a blog should be — focused, covering something you love and are good at. Also, with a season the opposite from ours, so this is a place to visit when the weather is really discouraging here. Maybe you will help me be more focused and productive in my garden. Cheers —

    1. Hi JBW. Thank you for your lovely words. Sometimes it is hard to stay inspired when it is cold and miserable outside. But to find a blog with splash of sunshine is always a great thing to lift a gloomy day. Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Terri. Thanks for your kind words. I am really looking forward to our warm weather after watching the Northern Hemisphere vicariously through blogs and you tube. I hope to return the favour.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. How great to have a film! It shows what things are like so much better than photos. Did it take a long time to make? It is wonderful to follow a garden from the other side of the world so we can look forward to our summer when in the middle of winter.

    1. Hi Annette. It didn’t take too long, although the uploading to you tube can take ages. It is a lot of fun.
      I hope I can bring much sunshine to your upcoming winter.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. That means I have a month to get sorted before our own big day here. We tend to be about a month behind you guys with our growing season. I am actually growing veggie seedlings right now for the very first time thanks to you 🙂

      1. I doubt it…the pumpkin hoards are already starting and I think I will be pulling more self sown pumpkin vines this year than weeds 😉

    1. Thanks Alys. I decided to wait until the end of the long weekend and not before, which was just as well as I had to get frost cloth out to cover my seedlings. I haven’t had to do that for ages! Hopefully I will get them in today.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi April. I’m sorry to here your garden was’t so good. At this rate neither will mine – the spring has been so terrible.
      Blogging 201 was good – but I have so much work to do now to implement all I have learned. I’m much better at gardening than design! Cheers Sarah : o )

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