PHOTO DAY 9: Warmth

The Brief: capture an image of warmth, ideally using the sun as your source.

I don’t have much to say about this one except with 16 days until summer there isn’t a lot of sunshine and not a lot of warmth. I’m not impressed!  I am going to have to have another look at this one in the light of day…

The only warmth seems to be in the greenhouse and Toast the cat has claimed that spot!

cat in the greenhouse
Cats always seem to know where the warmest spot is.

24 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 9: Warmth

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your kind words. Toast is 12 years old and used to be a city cat. Country life suits her much better. At this point sweltering seems like something desirable, however in a few short weeks I will probably be moaning about the heat! I hope it doesn’t get too hot for you.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. Thanks Sarah. I once looked after a twelve year old cat while housesitting. She was averse to the cold too, became very attached to me, and was upset when she saw me packing my things. But she must have been overjoyed when her owners returned. I’m so glad Toast has a lovely space to enjoy. Hope it warms up there soon. <3 LHN

      1. Earl stays out of the sun and knows that it’s not the best thing for his tender pink nose and “other bits” but Bezial, who is black as the ace of spades, lays upside down sunning his large carcass at all hours of the day in all temperatures

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