PHOTO DAY 10: Mystery

Brief:  share an image that creates a sense of mystery.

This weekend I am at a Christmas Market, although I still feel it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas.  I’m a kinda two weeks before kind of girl.  Besides the weather is still terrible so you can’t possibly feel Christmassy in the cold and wet.  It has to be hot, sunny and possibly a bit muggy. That is how Christmas should feel.

This market is for a good cause – the local hospice charity and they have organised a Garden Ramble and some of the best speakers. I am at the market selling and signing my books to keen gardeners and it is wonderful to meet and chat to people in real life.

All the while I was thinking about how I could show a mystery, when in front of me as part of my Christmas display are some wrapped ‘gifts.’  What is more of a mystery than an unopened present?

christmas gifts
Christmas gifts are always such a mystery.

The tomato plant that I decorated like a Christmas tree is also a bit of a mystery.  I had grown some fine tomatoes from seed and I put one aside to stand in as a tree and gave away all the rest.  When I went to get it, I found it had fallen off the shelf and bent in three places.  Desperate for a ‘tree’ I raced down to the local garden centre and found a range of “advanced plants.”  these were clearly not for the passionate gardener as there was no indication as to what variety on the label and the only instructions were: harvest when fruit is bright red.  But it was the right size for me and I grabbed it, not without be chastised by the staff who know me well enough to know I shouldn’t really be buying tomato plants! Now it has a starring role on my stall and we shall have to wait and see what kind it is.

my stall
My festive stall, although it is still way to early to think about Christmas.

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