PHOTO DAY 16: Treasure

Brief:  Show us something you cherish, and get up close.

I love my trug and treasure it so much I went out and bought another one.  You see, not only is it a cool gardening item, possibly on the luxury list, and not a necessary item.  You can harvest your crop into a bag or plastic bowl, however it seems like a bit of an indignity for food you have lovingly lavished attention on for months and months.  A trug is like rolling out the red carpet for the real treasures.  Gems and delights that taste so magnificent you couldn’t put a price on them.

Tonight we are having the majestic roast fennel for dinner that is only moments old before it gets into the oven.  My garden is full of treasure – everywhere you look and even buried treasure with golden potatoes and diamond quality carrots!

My trug
My treasured trug cradling fennel for tonight’s dinner

14 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 16: Treasure

  1. I love your take on the word ‘treasure’ Sarah, and the photo of your trug to go with it. I’ve never heard of that word, didn’t know what those little baskets were called before you mentioned it. The fennel you grew would be another one of your treasures!

    1. Hi Desley Jane.
      They have apparently been used to hold veggies since the 1500s but were made popular by Queen Victoria during The Great Exhibition. I’d always wanted one, because they look so cool. Dinner was delicious. Roasted fennel is amazing. Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Elaine. Trugs here have historically been really expensive, however a celebrity chef has branched out into seasonal growing with a range of garden products and in the range is some very affordable trugs. I couldn’t help myself and I bought two!
      Prior to that I used a basket. Harvesting into plastic somehow cheapens the experience!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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