PHOTO DAY 17: Glass

Brief:  Incorporate a form of glass into your image to add a layer of complexity.

What a perfect excuse to photograph the greenhouse…  again!

from inside the greenhouse
One day I’ll be big and strong enough to go in the big pepper bed

We were also encouraged to experiment with how glass reacts in different situations, so anticipating my future flower crop I decided to play with one of my vases.

6 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 17: Glass

  1. Not using flash makes a big difference to the end result, as we can see in your photos. I like the third one with the white background and no flash the best, it’s clearer and sharper. And yet the second one with the ordinary background where you have used flash, looks good too – using the flash has changed the background colours slightly. It’s fascinating!

  2. Lombardy? The only “Lombardy” that I know is a poplar! That goes to show you where my interests truly lay as a horticulturalist ;). I don’t dare take a photo of my glasshouse as it is predominately plastic now and “plastic house” isn’t quite as romantic as glasshouse to be honest. That, plus it now has a thick layer of ex fish farm netting over its person which acts as insulation and sun protection as our summer heats up. The results are like being under the sea sometimes but they work so they get to stay :). I just planted out my 4 pepino plants the other day and they are sitting up and looking very happy to have graduated into “big plant soil”. Can’t wait to see if they actually produce fruit. What an awesome looking vase! I am currently sporting a less than glamorous glass jug on my window sill that is cram packed with lavender cuttings. Earl, in all of his birthday wisdom, decided to flatten my small white lavender on his early morning walk yesterday so after twitching a bit I removed the now flat bits and put them into water to see if I can’t make some more lavenders. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When Earl hands you flat lavender, make more lavenders. It’s all how you look at it 😉

    1. Hi Fran. Lombardy is a Northern Italian heirloom sweet pepper. It is nice to have some that aren’t all hot – although the habanero do stretch our heat tolerances – a lot!
      I still need to pop over to your place for a catch up – I have been so busy lately and finally the sun is shinning so I must make hay. I found a football in my lavender yesterday. Not impressed. Who would own boys? But it’s not the first football and won’t be the last. And like you say, its the perfect excuse to make cuttings! Cheers Sarah : o )

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