How we do Christmas – kiwi style!

Although the weather is still playing unfair, with gloomy grey skies, trapping hot muggy heat beneath the clouds,  This isn’t festive weather, we prefer our heat a little drier and our skies a little bluer.  But Christmas is coming and the show must go on.

The garden is flourishing in this humid weather and you can almost see the plants grow before your eyes, but for today our attentions are distracted by something much cooler.  Our local community Christmas parade.  All the local schools, businesses, social groups and churches join in to make such a fabulous procession of festive joy.

Our school also came 3rd in the school category
Our school also came 3rd in the school category. We are so proud of them.

Each year the parade has a different theme, to draw out the creativity and this year it was based on Music and Movies.  Everyone gets involved, helping construct the floats, being on one or on the street cheering everyone on.  There is a market and music and friends to catch up with every few paces.  It is so much fun.

And of course Santa.
And of course Santa. He must be very hot in his North Pole apparel.

I thought it would be nice to show you some of our seasonal style, we may not have snow but we have more than enough festive cheer to make Christmas Christmassy!

Come again soon – normal gardening will resume shortly – the garden doesn’t seem to care that it’s Christmas and just grows and grows and grows!

Merry Christmas, love from

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

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