Summer is a white rabbit.

You can see it scurrying through the seasonal corridors shrieking “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.”  The boffins are saying it’s about 6 weeks late, but it’s not Summers fault.  The blame for the tardiness of the season apparently lies firmly at the feet of last Autumn.  Oh how it lingered and tarried, unwilling to give up its place in the sun and went on for 6 weeks longer than the allocated slot in the calendar.

The corn is on a lean.
The corn is on a lean. Luckily it is still young enough to get back on the straight and narrow!

Winter, being Winter, with all its bluster was determined to have all that it was due and made each and every day it was entitled to cold, wet and miserable.  It didn’t care that it overlapped into Spring.  Winter believed, quite selfishly, that it was owed 13 weeks of its own despite the circumstances and unwaveringly seized what it was entitled to.   There is no generosity when it comes to the cold heart of Winter.

Spring did its best, but it is such a fragile season.  It allows itself to be bullied by Winter and in some situations (although not this year) is overtaken by Summer.  Losing six weeks to Winter dealt Spring a harsh blow, and all the seedlings in its care struggled to get going.  Every once and a while the Spring weather got a look in, but not often.  It seems to be the younger sibling of Winter and Summer and has been cast aside in a tug of war between the chilly Winter and scorching Summer as they seek the lime light.  Winter seems to be a bit of a bully and has had a stormy tantrum so everyone knows just how it feels at the injustice of it all! Poor old Spring is just standing by dazed and confused, having completely missed its slot in the calendar.

The dill no longer knows which way is up.
The dill no longer knows which way is up.

Summer is trying its best to make an entrance, but with everyone not sticking to the rules it finds its journey to the front of the seasonal stage fraught with danger and a little like trying to run through treacle.  And so we have to wait for it to get its act together, assert its dominance over the mean Winter, pick up Spring from where it has been pushed aside and dust it off a bit so the plants can catch up and then shine in all its blue sky glory.

But now we are faced with a conundrum.  Does Summer get cut short to make up the time and get the calendar back on track or does it get its full share of the 13 weeks and allow the flibbertigibbet of a season Autumn to take the loss for its airy fairy ways that started this whole imbalance in the first place.  Here it is waiting in the wings, waiting to give a golden glow to leaves that are already brown and tired with wind burn, and dance us merrily into Winter completely unaware of the carnage it caused by lingering longer than it should have.

The broccoli is lopsided
The broccoli is lopsided

If the seasons were my children, Winter would be in time out and be banned from TV for an extended period for being such a bully.  Maybe even some charitable work at a garden centre so it can learn about the damage it has done to weaker seasons.  I’d always be cross with winter – he just doesn’t think about how he hurts people.

Spring – I’d pick it up and take it out for ice cream, and then go shopping for a nice party dress so it go on the seasonal stage and feel brave.  I’d even stand and the side lines and whisper what it is supposed to do.

The potatoes are lolling about the place like they had attended a drunken Christmas party.
The potatoes are lolling about the place like they had attended a drunken Christmas party. Some had even exposed their spuds, which for decencies sake I covered back up!

Summer would be treated like the kid that was about to miss the school bus.  “What do you mean you can’t find your shoes?  You have had all morning, and don’t blame it on your brother.  He didn’t distract you, you allowed yourself to be distracted.  Quickly, here are your shoes, get going.  I don’t want to see this happen again and if you miss the bus, you’ll just have to walk, I’m not taking you!”  (Although I would say that with the car keys in my hand as summer is such a great season, I wouldn’t want it to be late).  It is the one you are most proud of and love to see it do well.

Autumn – well what do you do about Autumn.  It is so contrary.  It takes the shine off Summer causing great sadness, but you can’t help love it as it does so in such a wonderful way.  Half the time you don’t even realise he’s taken over.  There is no fighting and so nothing to reprimand.  Autumn gets away with everything.  However delightful and creative this child is as it draws beautiful golden colours on the walls of the calendar, he tires easily, so you carry him off to bed before he gets hurt by the demanding and impulsive big brother of Winter.

The peas were knocked to the ground
The peas were knocked to the ground. A bamboo stake or two, strategically placed should pick them up.

We had an unseasonal winter like storm yesterday, the boffins say summer is late and I’m not sure we even had a spring.  This crazy weather is really quite frustrating.  I am a gardener and I need to garden.  But, because I am a gardener, today I will go into the garden and harvest a few things and repair any damage and hope for nicer days.

It isn’t too bad though and it could have been a lot worst.… Just to remember nicer days come and see the garden before the storm:

Come again soon – Christmas is coming, there’ll be peas and potatoes ready to harvest.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

14 thoughts on “Summer is a white rabbit.

  1. I guess we just have to work with the seasons and hope for the best. Our winter was very mild and bled into spring and the first few weeks of summer have been more like autumn but I am refusing to complain. I have a long memory and part of that memory is the bit that occurs between January and April where we get no rain, everything dries out and spirits are sapped and bathers are wistfully stared at with the wry hope that they have grown 4 sizes bigger over the winter period (nope 🙁 )…

    1. HI Fran. At this point I’m looking forward to moaning about the hot and dry conditions. If this complaining about the heat gets too much, remind me about how much I longed for it. This has been a horrid season. But I am a gardener and will make the best of it and garden on regardless. I hope your summer is perfect for you. Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. You and us both. We have a forecast of 2 more weeks of cold and rainy weather and rain on Christmas Day! The rest of Australia is probably smoldering away in 40C heat and down here, we have become a tiny little suburb of New Zealand by the sound of it! 😉

    1. Hi Julie. I hope you didn’t suffer any further. The wind seems to have eased and I guess if we look at it optimistically the rain is giving the garden a good solid moist layer the plants can draw from while we are too busy being festive!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Beautiful piece of writing, Sarah. What an enjoyable read.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had continued bad weather. How frustrating for you. All that careful planning, and then nature does what she does.

    I’ll never think of the seasons again without thinking of your descriptions. Fun!

    1. Thanks Alys. There is still hope that the seasons will turn around and we will get the lovely weather we have been looking for. The tomatoes will ripe and I may even still get melons! I live in hope.
      I do wish I could whip out my parent voice and make the seasons sort themselves out.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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