I’ve been away… again.

This is not a lot of help for my poor neglected garden, especially with the Big Day so close.  This Labour Weekend is the date where it is deemed safe from frost, however this is also a moveable holiday so it doesn’t really help aside from having a free Monday attached to the end of it.  It is the day gardeners across the nation dig in and plant things.

Soon it will be safe for this tomato to hit the ground running!
Soon it will be safe for this tomato to hit the ground running!

I have a lot to do between now and then, and I don’t have anything else that can come between me and the garden this side of Christmas. At this point. This means I can indulge myself in one of my favourite things and even get to potter about once all the frenzied catching up has been done.  It will be great.

But let me tell you where I’ve been – I’ve been to the middle of Middle Earth.  Or if your aren’t a fan of Hobbits then I have been to Wellington, not only the capital of New Zealand but the windiest city on earth as reported in an article in the English newspaper The Guardian.  You can check it out >HERE<.  It didn’t let me down.  There was a lot of wind and was apparently in storm mode.  All of the wind inspired art installations about the place were alive with motion showing them off in a way that makes you feel blessed to be in Wellington on a windy day.

Having said that it is just as lovely on a nice sunny day as the city is surrounded by scenic hills and beautiful beaches – some flanked by rocks and others perfect sandy beaches ideal for summer fun.  I need to go back to indulge in a bit of kiwi beach action on a hot day.

The sightseeing, while fabulous wasn’t the reason I was there though.  I have to say I do love being a tourist in my own country, looking at things I’d ordinarily take for granted in a different way so I can share them with you.

I was blessed enough to be invited to talk about my gardening journey to a lovely group of women who made the evening such a wonderful experience with their incredible desserts on the fanciest plates and their warmth and generosity made me feel so welcome.

So I’ve been there and done that, and now it is all about the garden.  I need to give it some much needed love, starting with a jolly good mow!

A lovely surprise to come home to was tractors in the garden making hay... the sun must have been shining
A lovely surprise to come home to was tractors in the garden making hay… the sun must have been shining while I was away

Come again soon – the summer is closer now than winter was.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

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    1. HI Betty. It doesnt seem that long ago that it was me anticipating the first frost and stealing sunshine from the northern hemisphere. I hope I can give you a little bit of warmth over the great big internet this season.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

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