Comings and Goings

Getting back into the garden has been easy.  It is the deciding what to do that has been the hard part.  Everywhere I look something demands my attention.  There are weeds everywhere and so the places I have managed to tend to stand out like pristine examples of a well managed garden.  It’s not actually.  But the contrast between where I’ve been and where I still have to go is quite dramatic.

Asparagus flowers
Delightful flowers hanging from the fronds of the asparagus.

I did attempt to mow the grass around the garden.  I use the term loosely as it probably would be of greater use to harvest it for hay!  This sticky, muggy summer weather has made everything grow exponentially.  Unfortunately the hot, sticky, muggy weather stopped me in my tracks.  There was a song once that when along the lines of “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun…”  as there is no mention of crazy gardeners, I took heed before I swooned in the sweltering heat.  So the garden is in a half mowed state for now.

It may have taken a while but the whole garden did eventually get planted out… see I have flowers!

As I wander about the place, trying to decided what to do next, it has dawned on me that the garden is constantly in a state of flux.  One of my aims in spring was to get everything in before something had to come out.  I failed.  The onions were harvested before the very patient flower seedlings went in.  The garlic desperately needs to come out, but I’m too afraid to look and see what the dire consequences of the battle with rust has done.  I suspect all is lost.  And in the meantime I am anxiously anticipating  the first tomato.  (To be honest – there have been a couple already but the bloomin birds beat me to them.)

Green tomatoes
It is hard to imagine a time when I will be sick of tomatoes, but that day isn’t too far off.

The boffins have been warning us there was yet another storm on the way – the third in as many weeks, so I got up out of bed early to see what could be done to lessen the impact.  But it can be a bit lonely in the garden when you’re up that early so I decided to invite you to join me….  You may need a cardy or jumper to keep off the slight chill that comes with a summer morning.

Just when I was starting to gain confidence in the boffins, they got it wrong.  We never had the storm, just a few spits and spots of rain and then the day progressed to something more like what summer should be.  The sounds of kids frolicking in the pool is how summer should sound and if another summer storm rolls through, my asparagus will be ready for it.

Rusty Garlic
This doesn’t bode well for a bountiful crop of garlic.

Come again soon – the garlic really should come up – this may be a wall of shame.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)





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