It’s cold outside

Oh my goodness, winter has finally stood up and said loudly and proudly:  I am here!  Last week we had so much rain it broke records for the most rain in an hour for the month of June. The thing is – it wasn’t just that hour, but the hour before and after it….  well actually the days before and after it where it rained full and heavy drops that seemed to have no end.  It was positively sodden.  After  being so mild, June, in it’s dying days decided to step up to it’s wintery expectations.  The only  upside I can take from this is the soil, right down deep has well and truly had it’s thirst quenched from the long dry summer months and is now restored and ready for a new season.

July is a cold month
July is a cold month

Then July arrived in spectacular style and majesty.  It came cloaked in the sparkliest, coldest frozen attire.  The sky was the deepest blue and the ground was coated in the brightest white.  This too broke records as the coldest night of the year so far.  While it is chilly outdoors, the sun has been able to come out from where it has been hidden by clouds and embrace us all with it’s weak, but welcome warmth.

Frozen in Thyme
Frozen in Thyme

The pests and disease lurking in the soil since summer have had a short sharp shock and knocked back from their position of abundance.  The soil is beginning to dry out and I can pick up my tools and garden on.    Although not as early in the morning as I did yesterday….  Check it out here:


Come again soon  – winter is doing what winter does.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)




5 thoughts on “It’s cold outside

    1. Hi Lucinda. I think I prefer dry to hot right now as although it is cold, everything is so damp after all the rain we had. Cold you can wrap up against, but damp pervades everything. Enjoy your summer – Happy 4th of July to you and your family. : o)

  1. The frost is beautiful. It’s an art form all of it’s own.

    I hope you’re back inside now, with a warm cuppa to sustain you. As for all that rain: I can’t even imagine it. I imagine keeping your roof in good condition is paramount when you live in such a place.

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