Solar Flare Zucchini

Turning dreams into plans  

Now is a good time to start to organise for the new growing season.  With hope in my heart, I began taking dreaming about the next season to the next level and started making plans.  Last season was a complete washout – literally!  I only used my irrigation system a couple of times.  Ironically, the only time it should have been used but wasn’t, was … Continue reading Turning dreams into plans  

An Irrigation Intervention

NB:  This is a sponsored post with the good people from GARDENA NZ, who have generously made this project possible.   Over the winter I have had a few side hustles going on beyond the realm of my garden that have occupied huge swathes of my time.  This has left me with very little to say about my garden.  Aside from ticking over with the restoration … Continue reading An Irrigation Intervention

I’ve been too busy to chat.

I’ve missed you all and I don’t know how I managed to leave it so long before getting in touch.  I haven’t stopped or anything.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve had my most productive June ever.     I think the expression – ‘if you want anything done, ask a busy person to do it’ sums up my days recently.   I had a large computer gardening project on, … Continue reading I’ve been too busy to chat.

Ready for Raspberries

Making the decision to ease back on The Palace which was taking all my time and energy at the expense of all the other spring preparation tasks has been a little liberating.  It allows me to assess the rest of the garden and make some new priorities.  While also wanting to take a little and often approach to staying on top of the basics like … Continue reading Ready for Raspberries