This is such a weird time of year

 The in between season.  I’ve still got things in the growing in the garden.  But not a lot and they are close to being labelled ‘past it.’  But they are still there needing to be eaten.  There isn’t much that can be grown at this time of year. But I can technically plant some things, but even that is fraught with problems.

I need to sow my carrots as my supply is about to run dry.

For example I have a pack of carrot seeds that could go in any time now, in fact this variety has the lovely phrase that makes a gardener’s heart leap for joy.  The packet says it can be sown ‘all year round’.  The problem is these carrots take 16 weeks to grow.  So if I plant them in the old carrot bed from last season then they will be in the middle of my salad bed for next season.  I could plant the salad crops around the carrots but, I would really need to enrich the bed as the soil hasn’t had a good feed since the potatoes were in there the year before as carrots really don’t like a bed full of rich organic materials, so it’ll be getting a bit tired and the hungry salad plants that look for a quick nitrogen fix won’t want to share with the carrots.

Mustard cover crop
This mustard cover crop needs to be dug into a different bed.

I could put them in to their new season bed, but there is a cover crop growing there.  I grew some mustard to attempt to clean up the soil a little as there was a bit of blight in my spuds last year.  But I don’t want to dig them into the soon to be carrot bed as they wouldn’t appreciate the excess organic matter.  So I was planning on digging them into the bed the beans were in so the soil there can get the benefit of the mustard, because this is where the new potatoes will be going.  They won’t be going in until mid September which is perfect timing for new spuds for Christmas.  Which would give the mustard time to break down in the soil and improve the structure.

A blank canvas
This is last seasons odds and sods bed.  Once I evict the brassicas from this seasons one, I will have 2 metres by 2 metres of fun zone. I need to decide what to grow.

The bean bed won’t be needed until the soil is warm enough in late October so the leeks can languish there a while longer.  But don’t get me started on the broccoli.  I still have cabbages and kale in their beds which will soon be the odds and sods bed for all my fun stuff, but I can still grow brassicas at this time of year, but I don’t want them in my exciting odds and sods bed holding up the action, and my salad bed still has salad in it – growing impossibly slowly due to the cold weather. I guess it beats having them go bitter and bolt in the heat.

I’ve planted peas here in the new pea bed… twice and they have just vanished. I need a plan.

But more pressing is digging in the mustard cover crop where the tomatoes were.  I popped them in to freshen up the soil after my summer was blighted with blight. But I didn’t really give much thought to what comes next and I have some onions almost ready to be planted. Almost, because I’m running a little late with my seed sowing due to our earlier trip to Tahiti.  But our onion growing farmer friend always tells me I’ve planted them too early, so maybe this year he won’t have to point it out.  The problem with the cover crop is, there isn’t enough time for it to break down in the soil – I reckon we have a week or two before they go in.  So I thought I could dig them into the bed where the peas were, because this is where the tomatoes are going to go and hopefully there will be lingering benefit from the mustard into the soil that will nurture my tomatoes.

I guess this means spring is not to far away. I’d better get on with the digging

I think I just need to pick up my spade and do some digging.  There is no other way around it.  The problem is the boffins are saying the next 7 days are going to be soggy.  I just hope they have it wrong.  The school holidays finish on Monday so it is bound to be sunny.

Come again soon – there is only 6 weeks until spring and there is so much to be done.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

12 thoughts on “This is such a weird time of year

  1. Haha I feel I have strayed into the White Rabbit territory. Thank you for my giggle for the night. As I only have three miserable raised beds and they are full full full I empathize 😂.. I think drink from the small bottle Alice 😆

    1. Thanks Lynn. Crop rotation does that to me. Just when you think you have it sorted , it all comes undone. I think I need to drink from the bottle and eat cake!
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  2. Oh my if you have 6 weeks until spring, I should be relishing the heat we are having since your comment reminds me I have 6 weeks until fall, though I have to say, fall really is my favorite season. Back to school, football games, harvest, cool evenings of sitting on the porch, and hopefully the end of the mosquitos. Have a great time working in your garden Sarah!!

    1. Hi Lucinda. That is also my favourite time of year too. Not too hot, but not cold yet either. There garden is still going and the colours in the trees are so pretty. Although I do look forward to spring – it is a season full of hope.
      Enjoy the rest of your spring.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi Julie. I had lupin in as well where my cucumber were, but I’ve actually managed to dig those in. It is always my intention to put them in every bed as they finish but it never seems to work out like that. Aside from the digging I need to do planning too. Maybe a job for in front of the fire.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi Virginia. I remember last summer being reminded how much time I had left by seeing all the Northern hemisphere countdowns to spring… Enjoy your summer.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  3. It’s hard to enjoy summer here it’s 90F every day. Are birds or rabbits eating your peas? You might start seedlings.

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