Late for Christmas

I am the kind of person that leaves Christmas – not exactly until the last moment, but I sail close to the wind.  My preparations are reactive, not proactive as every year it takes me by surprise.  Except when in comes to my spuds.

Under normal circumstances I’m thinking of Christmas a whole 100 days in advance, so I get my spuds in on time.  It is a tradition for me in September and again on Christmas day, when I go out to the garden and gather fresh produce for the Christmas dinner.   However this year I got a tad confused.  I’m thinking of suggesting to the family that we celebrate the big day a little later to suit the peak perfection of my spuds.  I’m sure that will go down well.


Come again soon – only 96 days until Santa drops down your Chimney!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


5 thoughts on “Late for Christmas

    1. Hi Linda. There is probably still a window of time to get in some ‘early’ potatoes in for Christmas. There is nothing like new potatoes cooked in minty water and dripping with butter!
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  1. Sarah, all the spuds are harvested and waiting patiently to be eaten. It’s probably strange to you to hear about the gardening season ending but here the season is Fall and I’m in the process of cleaning up the garden beds and preparing for Winter.

    Have a great planting day in the garden.

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