Spring Showers

The clocks went forward last night, to reflect what we are all doing – looking forward to warmer, sunnier days.  We were rejoicing at the extra hour of daylight we have been given in the evenings.  We made great plans as to how we were going to utilise that first hour of the magical extension to the day, once we were able to drag our weary bodies out of bed much earlier than normal.

Not really a gardening day
Not really a gardening day

However, spring had different ideas and rained on our parade.  It has done nothing but rain all day and as I sit here looking out the window trying not to rue the lost opportunities to garden until I can barely see in the fading late evening light, I am choosing to look on the bright side.  This is giving the earth a deep moist foundation to enter the hot dry season with and in a few short months I will be grateful for this enforced rest day.  So I am choosing not to moan about spring showers, no matter how heavy they are.

Even in soggy times I can’t stay out of the garden and risked pneumonia, or at the very least a bit of a sniffle, because even a wet garden is a beautiful garden and I had to soak it in!

Come again soon – rain makes things grow and keeps a keen gardener busy.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

12 thoughts on “Spring Showers

  1. I keep thinking how quickly the seasons are moving forward where you are, but then I look at my own garden and have to accept just how quickly they are moving toward winter here, Autumn colours are in full swing, and next years seed catalogues have started arriving.

    Happy gardening.

    1. I always find it hard when people in the Northern Hemisphere are getting excited about seed starting and the new growing season, because it draws undeniable attention to the fact that my still productive garden will soon come to an end. I like to live in a bit of denial at the end of the season – believing the garden could keep going for much longer than reality. Enjoy your autumn colours and seed catalogues.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi there. The rain kept coming down after I posted this and we ended up with 2 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. There was wide spread flooding across the region. Fortunately for us it was just very soggy with no lasting damage. I have to do now is wait for my garden to drain!
      Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi Betty. From what I remember they extended the start and end of Daylight Savings for us a few years back so we could get the most of the summer. I think it used to start some time in October. It certainly helps make things feel better when the weather is still gloomy.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  2. The year is certainly marching on and as you welcome Spring and rejoice in the freshness of your garden, I’m busy clearing away most of the detritus which is almost all that is left of my not so productive season 🙂

    It’s odd that you’ve got rain though because we have had an usually warm start to our Autumn with quite a lot of sunshine in our corner of Blighty 😀

    Happy growing season Sarah, I hope it’s a good one 👌 x

    1. Hi Elaine. If you want to arrange a swap in the weather, I’m up for it – you can have all of our rain!
      Even clearing up at the end of the season can be oddly satisfying. I hope next season is more productive for you.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi Julie, that rain just won’t stop… Maybe because it is school holidays, but just one sunny day is all I ask for right now! Oh and for all the water to drain away.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

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