Green is Good

In honour of today being St Patrick’s Day and acknowledging the heritage of my family line…  to be honest most kiwis will find Irish DNA bound up into the essence of who they are, and Scottish, and English and Swedish and Dutch – well something of everyone to be fair.  But with a last name like ours you can not help but notice the Irish… I have decided to celebrate by doing a tribute to all things green.

Yams are a distant relative to the shamrock – so I’ll grab this loose link to celebrate all things Irish

I love to take the celebrations of different cultures – under the assumption that there is bound to be a bit of them in me and enjoy the occasion, be it a Guinness with the Irish on St Patrick’s Day or french fries with the French on Bastille Day.  Nah, actually we are classier than that and usually celebrate with fine wine and French cuisine.

The reason we do this is life seems to slip through our fingers so fast, like there is no handbrake.  It feels like New Year was a few weeks ago but now we somehow find us at March 17 with no idea how we got here.  By creating moments to stop and be a little different means we have punctuation points throughout the year so when we look back there are memorable moments and not just a blur of the ordinary.

Gardeners are blessed as the act of gardening puts them directly in touch with seasons and the passing of time.  We are slowed right down to the rhythm of nature.  We know how to wait as seeds take their time to emerge, tomatoes take forever to go from green to red. But even then the season can be over in the blink of an eye.

The morning light makes this humble cabbage seem beautiful

Life passes by.  This is inevitable.  But I for one want to notice every last minute of every day.  I like to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all my garden has to offer me.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to ya.

Come again soon – the weather is being nice again…  for now.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

10 thoughts on “Green is Good

  1. Love that – punctuation points to create memorable moments. Well put, I must consciously do that. Add in some extra traditions. French fries for Bastille Day, American hotdogs for their Independence Day. What else? Pork and puha for Waitangi Day?! Lamingtons for Australia Day. Who gets the pavlova for their day though?! 😀

  2. We just received 2 feet of snow here in northern NY, so thank you for the reminder that, as a gardener, we need to move with the rhythms of nature. Clearly nature is not ready to deliver spring here just yet. But’s it wonderful to see your green photos!

    1. Wow – that sounds like a lot of snow. I always find here that just as things start to warm up for the spring there is always one last cold spell and so I have learnt patience – wait for that last cold spell and then get started on the business of spring. It is much too hard to work against the rhythms of nature when in a few short weeks things will be so much more pleasurable and easy. Stay warm. : o)

  3. Love your thoughts on life Sarah. Sometimes times slips by too fast and it is indeed nice to have like you so brilliantly said, punctuation points so that we can create memories and take a deep breath and move along. Life is so precious. Have a nice and green st.Patrick’s day.

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