I’m turning over a new leaf.

I always start the year with good intentions and normally by now my new year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside.  However there is no rule to say this is the only time of year you can try to reset things and so I’m taking the opportunity with the start of a new month to be more focused and intentional with telling you about the … Continue reading I’m turning over a new leaf.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The long way to Dunedin

I’ve been away again.  I suspect it will happen a lot this year – the stars have aligned to make 2023 the year of travel for us.  I don’t mind, so long as the garden still gets what it needs and remains productive and in control, with opportunities for exciting projects, and that I can squeeze in some horticultural goodness while out and about. And … Continue reading The long way to Dunedin

Why we don’t call ‘autumn’ ‘fall’.

Because it could easily be mistaken for an instruction.   And taking a fall in the garden is less than ideal, as I have just experienced! This weekend I have been working on Room Two in The Palace Garden and I have been so excited about it, I’ve even been dreaming about it.  This week was to be the culmination of months of thoughts and preparations … Continue reading Why we don’t call ‘autumn’ ‘fall’.

A fresh wind is blowing through

In typical style for out here on the wild west coast, this week’s storm’s last hurrah is wind!  There are still a few spotty showers, but the wind right now is averaging around 50 km/h with the inevitable stronger gusts.     By this time tomorrow it should be all over or getting that way.  The forecast for tomorrow says ‘Fresh southwesterlies easing.’  Fresh is an interesting … Continue reading A fresh wind is blowing through

The rains came!

Finally, after 6 weeks without decent rain (not counting the pitiful amount that arrived 4 days after the 115mm deluge), and enduring higher than normal temperatures, the dry spell has been broken.   This has been looming tentatively on the weather outlook for weeks, teasing us with its variably as it finds its final position on the forecast.   But even as recently as yesterday morning they … Continue reading The rains came!

Mostly Pictures

… And a few words to go with them.   The mornings are turning out to be quite productive as the cooler starts stretch well into the day before the heat drives me indoors again.  The temperature is still getting up to 30C in the garden in the hottest part of the afternoon. But it isn’t just the pleasant working conditions that make gardening great, the … Continue reading Mostly Pictures

Dry Days

Last week was a strange week.  In fact, it seems we are living in a strange world and there is so much uncertainty than concentrating on anything for too long can seem overwhelming.    But the garden is always a place of peace and somewhere to lose yourself in. The mornings have been much cooler and it has been lovely to potter about without overheating, but … Continue reading Dry Days

Hot and Dry

At this time of year, the harvest settles down to a trickle.   And the immediate demands from the garden aren’t nearly as intense as they were a month ago.  Now that we are passed the autumn equinox it is easy to get a little complacent, especially now the mornings are getting a little chilly and there is a heavy dew on the grass.  But then … Continue reading Hot and Dry