They’re up!

Oh my goodness I am super excited.  I have tried for so long to get this crop to germinate.  I often look to my pantry inspiration and have successfully grown popcorn, peanuts, chickpeas and kidney beans, among other things.  It is always good to grow things you eat a lot of

Pasta seedlings
I was so lucky to get hold of the extremely rare pasta seeds.

And so when I went into the greenhouse today I was so delighted to find my latest project has come up and I’m looking forward to the harvest – we eat a lot of pasta!

Come again soon – April is a month full of fun things.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

18 thoughts on “They’re up!

  1. If I was a foolish type I might eat this up without any marinara. But since I had a chicken patty for lunch I will leave the pasta for those with less discretion.

          1. I wanted to pull an elaborate one but instead I worked outside in greenhouse and yard to the tune of 28,626 Fitbit steps

  2. I had to stop by and say this is excellent! Look out for the lesser spotted fusilli mite though. I have real problems with them around the leftovers in my kitchen.

  3. I’ve been so nervous about my daughter’s Grade 1 piano exam (nervous mummy in waiting room right now) it took me a while to remember it is April Fool’s Day!!

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