Today is the first day to the rest of the season.

Tomato seeds
A sight to behold – one day soon this row of seeds will be a row of tomato plants bearing fruit – I can hardly wait.

So the ground is still soggy and unprepared – I’m not in the least concerned today because I have the spring fever.  Now it is here – you just gotta go with it.  I’ll worry about the beds later, because today was all about the seeds.

Fennel the cat in the greenhouse
The warmth of the greenhouse is not only good for seeds – it would seem Fennel the Cat likes it too.

After waiting for what seems like an eternity to get started (aside from a wee taster with the peppers) – the flag has been waved and we’ve been given the nod – it is seed sowing time.  There are seven weeks until the traditionally acknowledged safe from frost date so now is as good a time as any to plunge my hands into seed sowing mix.

Cat deterrents
These labels up the middle aren’t labels but cat deterrents as I’ve already caught her sitting on the seed trays and we can’t have that!

Of course I knew exactly where to start – with the tomatoes.  These are the super stars in the garden.  They take up a large space, grow tall but most importantly the tomatoes themselves are a delight and a pleasure and so very good to eat.  I have 20 spots in my garden – filled with 19 varieties (San Marzano get two because they are great for cooking).  I was quite restrained and only sowed 4 seeds of each and I’m hoping I don’t need to do a re-sow.  The seeds were fresh, the seed raising mix was new and the greenhouse is toasty warm so I’m pretty sure it will be ok.

Potting up bench
And done. What a marathon effort.

Then I moved on to the brassicas, so many brassicas – broccoli, romanesco, kale, kohlrabi, cabbage and cauliflower.  I filled seed trays with leafy greens, herbs, marigolds, okra, leeks and much more.  It was a frenzy of seed sowing.  I was binging on seeds like a hungry person at an all you can eat restaurant and it felt good.   Having said that – I haven’t sown them all.  I’ve left my cucumbers, pumpkins, beans and corn for another day because they grow quickly and really don’t like the cold.

Seeds sown
And at the end of the day as I peep through the glass at my handiwork – I can walk away proud of all I have achieved.

The makings of my garden are underway and in a few short months some of those tiny seeds will be towering giants in my garden and others will be gone – by way of my tummy and immensely enjoyed.  I can’t think of a better way to indulge in the first day of spring.

Come again soon – this excitement is just getting started.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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  1. Oh, how I look forward to these pictures of yours every year. Each season my seed trays expand in number ever so slightly. Someday I’ll have a greenhouse (instead of a shelf in the laundry) and fill my entire garden with plants I sowed myself.

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