Making the Cut

You have to admit a vast expanse of well-maintained lawn in middle of summer with the fresh cut aroma invoking some kind of childhood memory where you would roll down hills, do handstands and lie on your back looking for shapes in the clouds, is a pretty cool thing.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
He isn’t daunted by big jobs.

Our lawn journey is more of a boom and bust thing.   We don’t have immaculate single species grass to adorn the land around our house.  It is reclaimed pasture and weeds have been known to outnumber the grass in the wrong seasonal conditions.  But we love how it looks when it has been freshly cut.  All of a sudden, the whole yard looks fresh and like someone actually cares about the place.   We used to take the time to cut it ourselves, but our lives got increasingly busier and so we hired professions, who would whizz in and whizz around – cut the grass and also a few corners and charge us a small fortune for their mediocre efforts.  So, we returned to doing it ourselves with the help of the lad up the road and more recently our lad who is happy for an opportunity to line his teenage pockets.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
He doesn’t mind working on cold mornings.

Unfortunately grass grows, and so even with weekly or fortnightly cutting, the grass would quickly go from looking gorgeous to looking shaggy, especially in the spring.  In the spring, the grass grows in leaps and bounds – while you’re cutting it!   We have a fair bit of grass that needs cutting and it is exhausting.   Mowing in and around my veggie garden can take well over an hour.  I measured it once – it took 6730 steps.   The app on my photo chirps loudly to say a workout is being detected – but alas no – it’s just me mowing the lawn.   And then I go and have a lie down.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
The rain doesn’t deter him.

Over this last year I have been working with the lovely people at Gardena and they have been so generous towards me and as a result of our working relationship they are aware of the things that exhaust me and have provided me with a number of items to make my gardening experience easier.  So, when they offered us a robotic lawn mower  it was such a blessing.   We never realised just how much impact having  Neville would have on our lives.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
He’s even out there in the dark doing his thing.

Not only was it one less chore – although the young lad still has to mow around the back of the house, and I have to still mow in the interior of my garden – but I enjoy that and it is done in a jiffy – but the incredible sense of well being when the back yard looks nice all of the time.  The weeds in the lawn don’t like to have their heads constantly chopped and so their populations are dwindling.  The sweet smell of freshly cut grass is there every day as he goes about his job taking just a tiny amount off the tips of the grass each time he passes over.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
We love Neville, our incredible Robotic Lawnmower. Thank you so much to Gardena for your generosity.

But also, I have to say having a robotic lawn mower is also a peaceful thing to have in the garden.  He bobs about at a gentle pace and is quite mesmerising.  I will sit down with a cuppa tea and just watch him and lose myself.  I come away feeling rested and relaxed.

Now that we have experienced the full benefits of our little blue buddy Neville, we can say with confidence – we will never be without robotic mower ever again.  A robotic lawmower is very easy to install and you can share in our excitement as we went about setting our wonderful Neville.


Come again soon – winter is behind us now and we are well on our way to a new and exciting growing season.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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  1. How cool! How do you keep him from wandering away and into the street it the neighbors yard, or over your flowers? 🙋🐦

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