Black and white

This week, to distract myself from the chaos in my world right now, I took part in the 7 day black and white challenge on my personal Facebook page.  But once it was complete and I saw the collection I though I just had to share it here.  The rules were:  7 Days, 7 photos of my life in black and white. No people. No explanations. 1 nomination a day.

So without any further words – this was my week.








Come again soon – there are still loads of little jobs about the garden that need tending to.

Sarah the Gardener : o)



4 thoughts on “Black and white

  1. My Eldest did this last week and oddly enough her feet featured in one as well, wearing her fave boots. Most of hers involved stable shots, finishing with one of her horse Prince wearing his brand new ‘counting sheep’ rug 😀 😀

    Love your selection. I often prefer black and white pictures as they are much more forgiving and offer a more detailed finish 😀 x

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