In a season of busy

I wonder if you know how it feels…  You make grand plans for something and completely over estimate your capabilities.  But through sheer tenacity manage to make some kind of dent what needs to be done.

Chitted potatoes
I wonder if it is possible to over chit potatoes. I really must find a window of time to get these puppies into some soil! : o)

I feel a little like this now, but I think now we are in the throes of spring and the workload increases on top of the commitments, responsibilities and garden building program, there are now seedlings to care for!

Mini Digger
Hooray for mini diggers – know if only I could automate some of my other responsibilities so I can spend more time in the garden!

The garden is progressing and is as far as having the beds built and the layout completed, there are two beds left to do.  And for filling them up – I am blessed to have been saved by my marvelous builder with a mini digger.  It just wouldn’t have happened without him and Hubby the Un-Gardener.  The digger filled barrows and Hubby the Un-Gardener wheeled them to where they needed to be and over the course of a long morning the job was done.  Such a feeling of relief.

Seedlings on a gloomy day
The seedlings are crying out to be transplanted out of seed raising mix, and it would seem like the perfect job for a gloomy day – except I need to step outside to get what I need without being blown away!

The beds still need enriching with compost, blood and bone, sheep pellets and a great product called Yates Dynamic Lifter to ensure the plants get what they need.  The weather today is horrible.  Freezing cold and rainy and miserable.  A far cry from last week when you could almost feel the full potential of summer.  It is a timely reminder to not trust spring with your seedlings – she is emotionally unstable!

Fennel the Cat and the Seedlings
After causing a minor disaster earlier Fennel the Cat knew she wasn’t supposed to be there and refused to look me in the eye! Well it is the warmest sunniest spot in the house!

But looking for blessings where they can be found, we haven’t had rain in weeks and so it should be filling the tank a little – if the wind allows any of the rain to actually settle on the roof to fall into the gutters!   But also after weeks of no rain the soil had become hard and difficult to work with.  This rain will return it to a more malleable state and make mixing in the enrichment materials easy.

Pumpkin, cucumber and Zucchini seeds
Now is a good time to think about sowing pumpkin, cucumber and zucchini seeds. There is always something to be done in a spring garden.

But my priority today is to transplant seedlings and to be honest there is no way I am working out there in that weather, so I’m going to drag all I need indoors and make a mess here.  Oh how I long for my dome to be done.  A warm greenhouse on a cold spring day can be such a sanctuary.

Come again soon – I’ll make time in the busy to stop and share.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

12 thoughts on “In a season of busy

  1. Gentle spelling correction – i think it should be the “throes of spring”.
    A great reminder about the need to protect tender seedlings from the very changeable weather.

    1. Thanks so much – it was very cold yesterday and my fingers fumbled about the keyboard – they must have slipped off the E onto the W unnoticed! Spring hasn’t finished with us yet… it will get cold again before summer happens! : o)

  2. Those potatoes look fine to me. I have put out worse. The chiting technique seems odd to me anyway. I just put out a few small potatoes to dry for a while, and then put them out into the garden, where they grow like weeds. I have not done it in a while though. I do not know if potatoes grow like weeds where the garden is now.

  3. I had to smile at the picture of your builder. Such a typical Kiwi-looking builder, but they are very handy to have on call!

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