The Story of the Dome

Finally – I’m in.  There are seedlings in there.  It isn’t quite finished as we are still waiting for the glass to arrive, but it is coming on a slow boat from China and I’m ok with that as it is the best option for my back pocket!

Plastic wrapped dome
It isn’t a great view but it is very warm inside.

Knowing there was a bit of a wait, and my seedlings were beginning to overstay their welcome in the house, I had to do something.  I came up with a plan and the good people at Yates kindly supplied me with some pallet wrap.  While it seems to be ubiquitous in most warehouses, for the ordinary person, it is a little hard to find – well the good stuff anyway.  So, thanks Yates for coming to my rescue.

Its not as pretty as it will be with the glass, but at least I can use it now.

We took this very large roll and began to wrap the dome, we must have gone around it about 100 times.  Thick enough to make it water tight and secure, but thin enough to still let the light in.    Gosh, it feels great to get in there with my plants.  Not only from a horticultural perspective, but it is warmer in there too!  6 degrees warmer yesterday!

Seedlings in the dome
The seedlings seem happy enough

But I can’t hang around here all day yakking – there is work to be done.  You can check out the time lapse footage of building the dome here:

Come again soon – the garden is really starting to come to life.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

17 thoughts on “The Story of the Dome

  1. Oh, how funny! When I started reading, I though it was wrapped in greenhouse vinyl, and knew that would be bad. This wrapping, as silly as it seems, actually works better, and is probably less material than the vinyl.

  2. You’ve made so much progress so fast! Off to a good start. As autumn and frost approach here in Indiana, I’ll be following your slide into spring with great envy and longing, so keep posting!

    1. It has been a bit of a challenge this season – especially without a proper greenhouse, but I’m sure come mid summer it will all be fine. I love the way the garden has come together, although it has been a lot of hard work. : o)

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