Nev’s back

Since we moved here back in January there was an important member of the family who came with us.  However we weren’t able to bring all of his bits and pieces with us and had to leave them behind.  We are pleased to see they didn’t go to waste and the lovely new people who bought our house soon made the most of them by getting one for themselves.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
It fills me with much joy to have Neville bobbing about the place keeping the front yard looking fabulous.

I’m talking about Neville, our Gardena Robotic Lawnmower.  We’ve had him for several years now and we wouldn’t be without, so when we made the move, of course he had to come with us.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to reinstall him straight away and without a shed he spent many months in our bedroom at the bottom of the wardrobe!  Every day we would promise him he could go outside one day soon.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
Taking a well earned break in the shade to recharge his battery

The problem is building work is messy work and we started with a lovely patch of grass we just knew Neville would adore.  But after the house movers had churned it up siting the house, the plumbers dug it up laying pipes and multiple deliveries where dumped upon what should be pristine lawn, it took ages to get the grass remotely movable again.

New grass
This new grass has a bit more growing to do before Neville can tend to it and make it a lovely lawn.

Recently that day came where there was a decent patch of grass that had recovered nicely and had the potential to be lawn, we jumped at the chance to fish Neville out of the wardrobe and set him up.  A quick refresh course was easily found on the Gardena website with videos that were easy to follow and we were away, laying the perimeter wire and making the necessary connections to the base plate.  It was such a simple task Nev was back up and running in no time.  And he has the best view ever!

You can watch how easy it was for me to set him up here:

Eventually we would like Neville to relocate to ’round the back’ so he can keep the large back lawn Hubby the Un-Gardener wants to use for tennis and backyard cricket and other activities with the kids, pristine.  However we have only just sown grass seed there so it will be a while before he can make the move there.

Gardena Robotic Lawnmower
He even works into the night, with a magnificent view to see him on his way.

It is such a pleasure to have Neville back in our garden bobbing about the place keeping it nice and tidy.  We wouldn’t be without him!   And can never thank the good people at Gardena for bringing him into our lives.  We love him so much.

Come again soon – the garden is progressing nicely and we’re on track for a fab summer.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


You can find out more about a Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower and how to set one up by checking out:
I wholehearted recommend you get one. It’ll change your life!

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