Five good things going on in the garden

Although that headline makes it sound like everything is going horribly wrong, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Things are going really well; however I am racing to get it all finished before I run out of spring.  In the haste of it all the only real thing I am lacking is time.

So today I took a quick tour of the garden and decided to show you the first five things that jumped out at me as a good thing.

Asparagus seedling
This tiny little asparagus seedling is something of a miracle. After months of being missing in action, it finally made an appearance. Now all of the crowns I planted have popped up and there are no longer any gaps in the bed. Watering barren spots wasn’t a wasted effort after all.
Sun through salad crops
The setting sun shining through the salad leaves not only looks cool, but it shows the bed is full and almost ready to harvest! Bring on the salads.
Sweetcorn seedlings
The sweetcorn is starting to get past that vulnerable tiny seedling stage and will soon enter the stage where they are vulnerable to being blown over!
Sweet peas
The aroma from this small vase of sweet peas is amazing and as I picked every single one that was blooming, there will be plenty more where they came from.
Tomato flower buds
You can grow tomatoes every year for a thousand years and still get a buzz of excitement when the first flower buds make themselves known.

It is just a short sweet one today, but as they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so it is actually quite long!

Potato flowers
Ok – I couldn’t resist one more photo. Aren’t potato flowers kind of sweet in their own special way.

Come again soon – I am about to pop up some more structures.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

7 thoughts on “Five good things going on in the garden

    1. It makes it sound like there are only 5 things that are good in the garden! The weather has been awful this spring and some days it is hard to find good things, but it is always worth looking. : o)

      1. Oh, of course; the ‘headline’, not the ‘headlines’ (plural). Our weather has been as excellent as it always is, but I have less to show off from my old established garden than you have in your relatively new garden.

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