Still Here

Sometimes the ups and downs of life can get in the way of time spent in the garden.  This spring has been one of those seasons with a lot of non-gardening things going on and just crappy weather.  The nice days have been few and far between, but often these end up being out of garden days.

Snail damage
This poor wee cosmos is a bit like a metaphor for my life right now… you try so hard to get things done and then life comes along and chops off your head!

But life wouldn’t be the same without a garden and so I am pushing on and doing my best, but sometimes It feels like I’m running terribly late.  But I will get there – I have too…  there is a greenhouse full of seedlings counting on me.

So bear with me while I get through this complicated period in life, sometimes it is just easy to spend time in garden and get things done to try and catch up and find joy and peace where I can.

Come again soon – normal gardening commentary will resume shortly.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

19 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Always lovely to read your posts Sarah!

    God Bless you guys. Tanya

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  2. This weather! Just warm enough for things (weeds!) to flourish but so wet that you can barely step into the garden without worrying about soil compaction.
    On the plus side, my newly transplanted mint is quite happy with life, albeit intermittently underwater.

  3. Always life challenges, follow the plants.. Rest, absorb the sun, watch the slow unfurling of new life. Xx

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