Things that bring me joy in the morning

Up until now the garden hasn’t exactly brought me a lot of joy this season, more a sense of overwhelming, never ending impossibilities. It has been a huge struggle to negotiate the storms and troubles, and shout down the thoughts of running behind.  Finally I have reached a place in the garden where I feel in control and things are where they should be, and most of the weeds are also where they should be – in the compost, and things are growing.  I can finally relax.  I have reached that magical moment where all that is required from the garden is some gentle pottering.  A reward from the efforts of the spring and a respite before the onslaught of the harvest in the heat of the summer days.

gardening kiwi
On my desk in my office in the garden I have some things to encourage me. The sign says ‘Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of Faith, Margaret Shepard’. The plant is a Fittonia – a nerve plant to remind me to be brave and have courage and the fluffy buddy is the real Gardening Kiwi! Hopefully we will see more of her next year in the garden.

Each morning when I go into the garden to look about and check on things I no longer see what needs to be done, I notice new growth, new colours and things that make my heart burst with joy.  I have made it.  In spite of the enormous journey this season, there is a garden to be thankful for.

Here is a selection of some of the things I see each day.  I hope they bring you joy too.  If you click on the images you can find out more about them.

It is nice to feel like this again.  I really do love my garden, but like a petulant child, sometimes we have our differences.

Come again soon – this really does feel like the beginning of something amazing.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

12 thoughts on “Things that bring me joy in the morning

  1. My garden is also looking fabulous at the moment, but I have to go away for a week and I’m worried what’s going to happen to it while I’m gone. Unfortunately there is no rain forecast and I don’t have anyone I can call on to water it for me. Do you have any tips on preparing a garden for an absence? I think this year is the best my garden’s ever been, and I don’t want to come back to a heap of wilted nothings 🙁

    1. That is so frustrating. I went away about a month ago and didn’t expect it wouldn’t rain so I didn’t ask anyone to water the garden and almost lost my strawberries. I would suggest a really good watering before you go. You can also get water timers at an affordable price and set up a dripper hose around the garden and cover your wet garden with a thick layer of mulch. This can help. I hope your garden survives in your absence. : o)

      1. Thanks Sarah. I have also seen a hack online that uses plastic lemonade bottles buried in the soil, with the bottom cut off, and filled with water. The idea is that the water only drains out at the rate the soil needs it, but I have no idea if it works or not!

  2. Ah, a gladioli just a bit more than a week from winter. I won’t be seeing one of those for a while. It is such a pretty color too. You know, seeing other people’s flowers is a different kind of joy, because they are the sorts of colors that I would not grow.

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