Winter, while dramatic in nature, will be over before we know it.

A change is as good as a holiday.

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been missing in action here on my blog and for good reason.  I handed it over to the loveliest person on Fivver who did a bit of an update for me.  I’m a gardener not a technical whiz and I knew I wanted to update the look of the blog but was frozen with fear for … Continue reading A change is as good as a holiday.

Going large with onions

Well the storm didn’t eventuate, not on the scale the boffins were suggesting.  Well not here anyway.  So, it would seem I battened down the hatches for no real reason.   But it still wasn’t great weather for most of the week, and by the time the sun showed its face I was fully immersed in an indoor project and didn’t even look out the window … Continue reading Going large with onions

Things that bring me joy in the morning

Up until now the garden hasn’t exactly brought me a lot of joy this season, more a sense of overwhelming, never ending impossibilities. It has been a huge struggle to negotiate the storms and troubles, and shout down the thoughts of running behind.  Finally I have reached a place in the garden where I feel in control and things are where they should be, and … Continue reading Things that bring me joy in the morning

Cycle one

I spent the weekend with a nagging feeling in the back of my mind…. ‘I need to sort out this crop rotation cover crop thing.  Once it is done, I’ll never have to think of it again.’  But there were other exciting things to occupy my time, so I pushed the reoccurring thought away.  But with the start of a new week and a decidedly … Continue reading Cycle one

How do you eat an elephant?

A spoonful at a time! While most of the garden is still very new and either recently planted or still to be planted, there are some crops that have been in for ages.  The onion and the garlic were the first to go in and have been there since mid-winter.  The old adage, plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest is a … Continue reading How do you eat an elephant?