Monday Message:

Make places in the garden to sit.
How can you appreciate all you have achieved if you don’t stop and look every once in a while?

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message

I have loads of places to sit in my garden.  My swing seat overlooking it all is great for watching the sun set into the ocean at the end of a hard day in the garden, I have a chair on my deck, so I can sit with a dirty butt and have a cuppa tea in the shade. There is the comfy chair in my office shed that I have been known to take a snooze in and there is also my desk chair in there, but that is more for doing work and then there are a couple of new bench seats so I can share my garden with my friends.

I have no excuse not to sit in my garden once in a while!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

6 thoughts on “Monday Message:

  1. Trouble is if you put a seat, then all of a sudden it needs adornments, cushions, fairy lights, a few choice pots, special plants, colours to look best together etc etc So when you do eventually sit down you find yourself plotting and scheming what to next put in the pots, deadheading and weeding said pots. Arghhhhhhh a gardeners work is NEVER done 😅

    1. Gosh I know. But it can be an advantage as you can take some time to be proactive and plan big as you see the entire garden before you, rather than the reactive planning that happens down in the dirt with the things immediately in front of you. I think we need to grab a notebook when we grab a cuppa tea! (I have fairy lights at the ready to string up around my new bench seats! And they need cushions and I was discussing with Hubby the Un-Gardener his hauling out some large pots with dead plants in them so I can refresh them with new ones for the bench seat area… so yeah… I get ya!) : o)

  2. I always enjoy sitting in my garden. We use old outdoor metal chairs that have plenty of rusty character.

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