This is not normal

Although for many ways for me it still feels a little normal.  Because I’m not a great extrovert and so staying at home and potting about in my garden is my favourite thing to do.  So, I ordinarily I don’t get out much anyway.  And who would want to, we are in our dream home, in our dream location, with plenty of land, a working garden, my family around me.  Hubby the Gardener has always worked from home, although now may be time to oust him from the kitchen table and back into his workspace that he never really returned to after the summer break.   I have a furry shadow in Jasper the Dog who delights in my every re-entry into the room and Fennel the Cat who occasionally graces me with her presence.   I live in paradise.

The view from our place
Looking out over my horizon, it is almost possible to believe that anything is amiss.

It was with a sense of bewilderment that we watched the world as we know it unfold.  We did feel a little safe as we are in New Zealand, in our little corner of the world away from the world’s troubles.  But it came here, little by little from tourists and kiwis who just wanted to come home to be safe.  We have to be thankful that our leaders took the bull by the horns and took swift action, but they are not new to dealing with traumatic events, with the terrorism attack that should have never occurred on our safe soil, a volcanic eruption and as a country we have vast experience of supporting one another in the face of natural disasters.

Salad seedlings
I confess to doing a bit of horticultural hoarding – well not really, just some lettuce seedlings, potting mix and onion seeds for sowing in April.

And now this in such a short space of time.  On the whole we are a resilient bunch and so when the Government announced on Monday lunchtime that we are going into lockdown for 4 weeks as of Wednesday night, we pretty much got our acts together and got it done.  There may have been a bit of chaos, but time was short and when they blow the starter whistle, I expect we will all be doing what we need to for the greater good.

Dead tomato plants
If I get bored I can always take down the summer crops that are still hanging in there…

When I was a kid, we used to play a game with all the neighbourhood kids, where we would all race out and hide somewhere and one kid would run around everyone’s backyards trying to find us.  The object of the game was to make it back to the safe place – our front porch without getting caught but if the finder found you, they would yell out – “Go Home Stay Home”.  So, today’s call to stay at home immediately takes me back to being a kid when the same words rung out across our neighbour and the same point, both then and now, is home is the safe place.

Romanesco broccoli seedlings
As for the future, I have seedlings but I won’t be eating these any time soon – hopefully the world will have become a lot safer when these Romanesco broccoli are on my plate in about 14 weeks – give or take.

For the next four weeks I’m not going anywhere.  My Doctor tells me I’m at high risk, not because of the MS strangely enough, but because of the medicines I take to control it.  But I am still here.   I can virtually get out and about and share what’s going on in my garden.  It would seem I’m not the only gardener doing this.  If I stripped my social media down to just my gardening groups you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong in the world and it would be a place full of flowers and colour, hopes and harvests and a load of bugs and other creepy crawlies requiring identification for the curious.

If the worst comes to the worst we can have pumpkin soup… every night!

I have everything I need, except maybe not enough flour to make hot cross buns for Easter and I do regret not getting my hair done when I first thought of it weeks ago, but I kept putting it off.  But that is what hats are for.

Stay safe everyone.

Come again soon – I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

15 thoughts on “This is not normal

  1. I’m with you Sarah .. so lucky to be at home with my garden and family next door .. keep on writing

  2. If you end up eating back-to-back pumpkin, I can recommend pumpkin pie. I think you put in some sweetened condensed milk and a lot of spices and bake it in a baked-blind shell. I haven’t bothered digging out my old recipe as my husband doesn’t eat pumpkin and I don’t think I could eat a whole one all by myself. At least, I don’t think it would be wise 🙂

  3. We used to play a game just like that and for known reasons (even then) we called it Green Ghost. Whenever I’ve described it to people over the years they didn’t understand how it was different from regular hide and seek (or as my kids call it: “Hide and Go Zeke!” (Our cat’s name is Zeke 🙃)

  4. That was sort of how I felt. Coincidentally, I had planned to take two weeks off from my primary work to catch up on other neglected obligations. My last day of work for two weeks happened to be the last day before operations shut down. The only two differences are that I will not be returning in two weeks, and I can not do all that I intended to do while I took the time off to do all those things! I have not been into town for a long time, but no less than normal. I mean, I really never needed much from the outside World. Weirdly, I notice more people hiking through here as they want to get outside without going to public places. It is nice to see others enjoying what I take for granted.

          1. Before all this happened, I had intended to take time off to catch up on other obligations. Now that I had two weeks to catch up, I find that I still haven’t!

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