Monday Message:

Find a new rhythm and look for a new normal.

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message

It is strange times indeed.  Daylight savings finished the other day and it made no difference – I didn’t need to be anywhere so time is almost irrelevant.   Even the garden doesn’t need me as much these days, especially after the massive harvest I did the other day.   There is still the tidy up to be done, where the old crops need to be removed but that isn’t urgent and can wait if I want to make it wait.    Some days I feel completely out of sorts and struggle to do ‘business as usual.’

It is days like these I need to find a new rhythm and establish a routine that works well in these times.  One where I feel just as productive, with a sense of achievement but also allow the weirdness of it all to be expressed because to be honest it isn’t ‘business as usual’ and chances are won’t be the same at the end of all of this.  The key is to adapt and cope and if that is all that can be done then that’s ok.

Stay safe.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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