Making things in May

I have been busy again in and around the garden in the last few days.  I have been tackling those beach balls as promised but with mixed results.  I still haven’t finished yet, so I’ll save the big reveal for when I’m done.  But just to say things aren’t as easy as they look on the internet!  I suspect my attempts will be less than … Continue reading Making things in May

Happy Birthday Garden

I can hardly believe the garden is 2 years old today.   On this day in 2018 the shipping container company came and took away the container that had held all our worldly possessions.  The caravan that we had lived in for 100 days while waiting for our house to arrive and be made liveable, had been relocated.  Finally, after months of waiting the land where … Continue reading Happy Birthday Garden

Overdoing things

I need to remind myself that while I’m attempting to Make May Count, I shouldn’t overdo it.   I’m not superwoman, I am a mild mannered gardener with an annoying side kick called MS.   It’s just that I get a little over enthusiastic with the sense of achievement and crave it more and more.   Although getting things done is a great thing to chase in a … Continue reading Overdoing things