Make May Count 2020

Last year I started a thing.  Just for me, for now.  Maybe it could become a global phenomenon, but right now I am only thinking of myself.  Looking at my history it would seem last year I didn’t Make May Count very well, although I gave it a good push.  May has 31 days and I only posted an update 13 times.  Having said that I didn’t start making May count until the 5th and it was a new idea so I was feeling my way into something new.

Today I will start by planting my garlic. I saved the best bulbs from last year. They are an early variety but most garlic can go in from now until July.

The thing is May is a strange month.  It is the waiting room before winter.   Not quite cold enough but definitely not considered warm, judging by the meagre number of summer plants still lingering in the garden.  As I have been removing plants as they come to an end, the garden is looking tidy and in control, so there isn’t a lot to be done.  May has the potential to be that month that slips away unnoticed with nothing achieved and as a result become known as Melancholic May, bereft of joy and hope.

Brassica seedlings
Today is also very gloomy, the ideal day to plant seedlings and my winter brassica are ready to go in.

Well.  I’m about to change that in my bubble.  Today is the first day of May and intend to make it matter.   I will find things to do.  I will be productive.  There will be change. However, at this point I’m not sure what they will be…  but I’m confident I’ll think of something.   There will be challenges, like not having the ability to just go out and get all the necessary supplies to support brainwaves of genius (that may or may not work) or wander the aisles of the garden centre or hardware store looking for inspiration to jump out at you.  This month will not disappear without something to mark its presence.

Swing seat
I will need to convince myself that sitting and pondering is not a waste of time, it is an opportunity to allow ideas to flourish.

Join me this month as I #MakeMayCount.   It will be an adventure, although no promises it will be an exciting adventure.

Come again soon – I’m really not sure what will happen.

Sarah the Gardener : o)


7 thoughts on “Make May Count 2020

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah. I feel very much the same as you about May. From a sartorial perspective, it’s too early for tights, but a bit brisk for bare legs!! I’m going to diary each day in May and just see what I can achieve!

    1. You’re welcome. It is a strange month in normal times, but now I am more determined to make it count for something. I hope you have a productive month. : o)

  2. Dang! I suppose May would be like that; sort of like November here. I happen to like autumn, because we do not get much of it. It is not so appealing in cooler climates.

    1. At least in your autumn you have all the seasonal celebrations to look forward to, Halloween, Thanksgiving and on to Christmas. For us autumn is a big fat nothing going on. : o)

      1. Halloween is overrated. It is my all time least favorite Holiday, and mostly an excuse for people to get drunk and trash downtown. Thanksgiving really is excellent though. Everyone should do it. It is also one of the only Holidays that has not been commercialized ‘too’ much yet. It is technically a pagan Holiday. Also, it is sort of relevant to the beginning of the exploitation of the native people of North America, but hey, people in other countries lack that history.

  3. Make May count – yes, that sounds good! I have written it on a piece of brightly coloured paper and put it on my desk where I’ll see it every day.
    This May I am publishing my second book, but I’d like to do something in other areas, too, including of course the garden. Maybe plant something other than parsley, if I can find a place that’ll sell me some seeds. Radishes, maybe. Silverbeet? And I hope to get my hands on some garlic to plant before the winter solstice!

    1. Congratulations on your book. I hope it is well received.
      I have a little square of coloured paper that says “do one more thing.” It is so easy to just stop sooner than necessary when you think you’ve done enough, but there is usually enough juice in the tank and time in the day to do one more thing. When I follow the prompting of my coloured square I end up feeling a great sense of achievement from my day. I hope your little coloured square helps you to have a productive month. : o)

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