Happy Birthday Garden

I can hardly believe the garden is 2 years old today.   On this day in 2018 the shipping container company came and took away the container that had held all our worldly possessions.  The caravan that we had lived in for 100 days while waiting for our house to arrive and be made liveable, had been relocated.  Finally, after months of waiting the land where I wanted to put my garden was clear and free.  It was no longer a parking lot and supply yard for the builders.  It was my space and I called in the bulldozer to flatten it out as best we could and remove the Kikuyu grass so I could begin building my dream.

Some days it seems so long ago but other days it feels like yesterday.   A lot of hard work has gone into the garden over the last couple of years and I am proud of all I have achieved.   It is a pleasure to work in and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to create such a fabulous space.  I may have blown the budget to get to this point, but we’re here now and I shall mark this momentous day in time every year for many years to come.

The garden at 2 years old
Today the garden gave me gifts – peppers and peanuts.

Come again soon – the days are lovely so there is no excuse not to get things done.

Sarah the Gardener : o)


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20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Garden

  1. Happy birthday to Sarah’s Garden. May you bring forth lots of delicious edibles for Sarah and her family.

    Lovely summary of back then to now. WOW it is so impressive

  2. Absolutely love your sheds!!! Happy 2 years!! My gardens 1 year is coming up soon 🙂

    1. I have six pepper plants and we have being picking them one by one for a few months now, but at this point there were more ready all at once. There are still a few on the plant that need a little longer. It was a bit of a difficult season to get going, so the harvest is a little smaller than I’ve had in previous years. : o)

  3. ooh I didn’t know you could grow peanuts in NZ. Naive of me I guess but they were much a part of my growing up in Africa. The garden is looking fabulous – I know it would have been a lot of hard work getting to the two year mark.

  4. Sarah, this garden is beautiful. It’s a much different garden than the swamp garden and you should be very proud of the accomplishments that brought you to this dream garden. I know it sure makes me envious. It’s been a long two year journey but well worth the effort. I still remember the anxiety you had watching your house being brought to the property. It really did have many challenges to overcome to get there. The movers were awesome and, yup, even a wind storm couldn’t prevent your progress. You have overcome so many challenges in the last couple years. I am so amazed that so much has been accomplished is such a short time.

    Have a great day enjoying the fruits of your labor.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. It is so different from the swamp garden in so many ways, but at garden also taught me so much, making me a better gardener in this garden. It was a pretty crazy experience moving the house. : o)

  5. Goodness! I can not believe that it has been ONLY two years! The garden is so developed. I lived in a home for sixteen years with less!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on your 2nd garden birthday!

    You have done so much good work, and should very deservedly feel proud – you have an awesome garden!

    Very happy GARDENA could be with you on the journey 😊

    Kind regards,

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