A month in review

May is done.  We are now in a new month and a new season.  Winter.  The easy month.  The one where it is ok to hunker down in a cosy spot and dream dreams of dream gardens without a weed in sight.  It is a time for resting, recovering, and planning.  There are a few things in the garden that can be done in a slow and gentle pace as the weather allows but for the most part June will most likely be a little less intense than what I put myself through over the last month as I endeavoured to Make May Count.   To be honest I am looking forward to the slower pace but am rather pleased with all I have achieved.

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message

  • I made garden art in the form of concrete encased beach balls.
  • With Hubby the Un-Gardener, we built a wall and created a nook, although there is still some work to be done.
  • I knuckled down and got a mountain of computer gardening done.
  • I was able to go garden shopping and picked up loads of things for projects that have now. been completed, are still on the go or are still in my head.
  • I learnt boiled peanuts were a thing and whipped up a batch.
  • I made a garden sieve. I need to make more with different sizes.
Concrete beach balls
DID-DAH!!!! And here are my concrete beach balls I made in an attempt to create some garden art!
  • I went to the Chelsea Flower Show – I really wasn’t expecting to do that.
  • I processed all of my peppers in a way that was unique to each variety and bought out the best of them.
  • I celebrated the garden’s 2nd It does feel a little odd to think this June is the 3rd June in the garden.  The time as gone so fast.
  • I planted my garlic and sowed my onion seeds. The garlic is already looking good.
  • We picnicked on the beach in the last of the autumnal warmth.
  • I enjoyed unseasonal sunflowers that self-seeded in my garden.
garlic cloves
The big fat garlic cloves that ended up in the ground and not in the kitchen
  • Plants large and small were repotted into bigger pots.
  • My popcorn finally made it into the kitchen and has already accompanied a few movies.
  • I spent an entire day weeding during a power cut. The power people inform us there will be more in June so I guess that will mean more weeding….
  • The lime tree I saved from my own neglect now has pride of place on my deck and is doing well.
  • My winter brassicas were planted out and are now well on the way to a good harvest later in the season.
  • I have created an army of lupin plants for my mulch plantation. I have seen my dream shredder and so aside from a few dollars and some rapid growth from the lupins my mulch plans are within sight.
Lime tree
Oh and I got my Lime tree repotted.
  • I’ve grown some flax plants from seed to form part of our native planting wind break that has yet to be begun.
  • I found time to read some gardening books that I’ve been meaning to get to. I’m hoping for more of that this season.
  • I saved thousands of photos across to a safe spot, as our dodgy internet prevents it from the safe protection within the cloud.
My self seeded sunflowers are looking so lovely against the blue of the late autumn sky. We shouldn’t be having either of these things so close to winter, but while they are here they can be appreciated.

I think it is safe to say I achieved my goal and Made May Count and I can look back at a month well spent.   The bar has been set high for next year.  Gosh I wonder what next May will look like in the garden.

But for now, I’m going to put my feet up just a little and enjoy the slower season.

Come again soon – there will still be gardening to do and tales to tell.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


NB:  You can catch up on all of these projects and achievements my checking out all of the blog posts I made during the Month of May.

10 thoughts on “A month in review

  1. Hi Sarah, you have had a very busy month! I wish I had your energy and drive. You have inspired me to do more, as much as my health will allow. I haven’t been pushing myself to do much this year, it is time to start again despite Winter arriving.

    I am enjoying reading your “The Good Life” book. I’m up to Mid-Autumn in the book. Can’t wait to see what you did in the Winter.

    All the best, Rose

    1. Thanks Rose. I understand the need not to push yourself for health reasons and may have done a little too much on occasion over the last month! But I find little and often works better than a boom and bust approach. The garden in The Good Life is only 10 minutes up the road from where we are now, but it is so very different. I have swapped the mud for the wind! : o)

  2. I’ve loved following your #makemaycount posts – you certainly do deserve a well earned winter break before everything starts up again! and those beach balls do look tumeke!

    1. Thanks so much. I imagine I’ll slow down a little, but there are still things I can do, so I’ll probably be behind the scenes busy as it can be quite exhausting having to think about the job as content as well as the job itself. I am pretty stoked with the beach balls. : o)

  3. Well done Sarah you certainly did make May count this year especially with all that is going on in the world. Your garden is looking beautiful and the Lime made me smile as my hubbie has been cultivating a lime tree and has it in a pot on the porch. He was very chuffed to get a few juicy limes from it and they went well with a beer during lockdown.
    Gardens get us through…

  4. Sarah, yes, it’s nice to start winding down at the end of the garden year and work less and rest more. Dreaming of the next year’s garden and making plans are a nice relaxing way to spend time. It seems just when the garden has been totally spent and put to bed for the winter, the garden seed catalogs start arrive which inspire me to start thinking about gardening again. Here that happens in December right before Christmas. I always refer to it as the first Christmas presents of the season. But for now, plants are well on their way to harvest. I have everything protected from critters so I should be good for harvesting in a month or so.

    Have a great day continuing to digital garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Ranch

    1. It does feel a little slower, but I’m sure I’ll always find something to do… It won’t be long before the new season seeds are available and that will certainly shift thoughts from the end of a season to the start of the new one. It must be fun getting seed catalogues for Christmas! : o)

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