Monday Message

“A garden is half-made when it is well planned. The best gardener is one who does the most gardening by the winter fire.”

Liberty Hyde Bailey (An inspiring American horticulturist 1858 – 1954)

Sarah the Gardener Monday Message
Due to the sudden drop in temperature – although probably not cold by most folks standards – we don’t even get a frost here, I have decided computer gardening isn’t such a bad thing right now.  After last week the garden is in a good place, but I need to avoid the boom and bust situation that swings wildly between in control and jungle wild.

I went in search of a message for today and stumbled across Liberty Hyde Bailey – an inspirational horticulturalist and botanist who achieved many great things in his life time and left us with many words of wisdom, for the garden and for life.  I need to find out more about him.

But for now his words express my sentiment.  Winter is a time for garden planning.  I have no fireplace (yet) so you will find me planning my garden under the hum of the heat pump!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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