A Chore and A Tour

This was week has been a mixed bag of things that has made life all sorts of busy.   But for the main part the garden is now mostly good and ready for the planting out stage from next weekend.   There are two beds with malingerers that need to be evicted and eaten and one that needs a flower removed so it can be prepared for pumpkins, but aside from that we are good to go.

The potatoes are coming along nicely – soon all the beds will be flourishing like this!

The weather had warmed up a lot and I had begun wearing T Shirts and my sun hat and had contemplated for a moment starting to put things out in the garden.  It was a fleeting thought as the temperatures plunged dramatically for a couple of days this week and while I don’t trust spring, getting this cold so close to the last frost day was still a bit of a surprise.  While we don’t get frosts here, my tender summer loving plants would not have appreciated the sudden chill.  So instead they stayed in the greenhouse and I’ll begin hardening them off over the coming week.  I’ll also work on building all the structures for the garden as it is always better to have these in place before planting things out.

Cold days
I never expected to have to wear a beanie again this side of Easter! Gosh it was so cold!

Another distraction was our bathroom renovation was completed and after having to make a myriad of decisions, it is nice to finally have a nice bathroom to wash away the dirt of the day.  I really love how it came out and now I’m itching to get onto the rest of the house, but we’ll hurry slowly as it is our forever house and we can take our time and get it right.

The new bathroom!
I can’t begin to say how much I love the new bathroom.

It seemed like a good moment to mark the state of the garden with a quick video tour, so sit back and enjoy a whistle stop tour of my garden as it is right now.  

Come again soon – change will probably come quickly from now on.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)



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