Now the Year can begin

I have been away on our annual summer break.  I do find Christmas and the summer holiday a tad incompatible with a fully burgeoning garden, however that is an argument for another day and at the end of the day getting away from it all and spending time creating family memories takes precedence.  So, we dragged ourselves away from our lovely West Coast vista and headed off to the lovely vista on the East Coast, where the sand is white and the waves not so wild.

East Coast beach
This is a beach made for summer relaxing

We were nestled into a great camping spot in the midst of the bush with a babbling stream where the sound of the gentle waves competed with the birds as the soundtrack of our summer.  The Kiwi’s and Morkpork’s filled the night air and then handed over the Tui’s whose dawn chorus is an incredible sound, like being in a cathedral filled with a million bells.  We were right in there with nature… with no power, no internet and a tent that didn’t hold up all that well to the torrential rain on day 2! However, once the rain stopped and the campsite dried out, we had some spectacular summer days where memories were indeed made.

NZ Bush
This path just invites you to wander deeper into the bush

Not having any internet or power and not being a great swimmer, I decided I would spend some time doing garden research and dragged with me some of my fattest gardening books to delve into and make plans.  The lure of doing nothing set in the moment we arrived, and the books remained unopened and I am no further ahead with my new year’s planning than I was before we left…  Which is no where at all.

Stream in NZ Bush
A babbling stream in the bush is the perfect thing to cool down a hot still summer day

As the year is over a week old now, I will need to schedule in time for planning alongside the doing and try to find a balance.  I’m kind of looking forward to it as it means I will need to timetable my day a little so everything gets attention, which will avoid the boom and bust of focusing on one thing at a time.

Garden in the morning
It was great to come home and see the garden looking so good

The good news is the garden thrived in my absence.  There was rain, but no wind.  Thanks to the care I put in before I left, my tomatoes are pest and disease free.  I lost one tomato, the leaves are brown and crispy.  It is most likely down to disease so I will carefully remove it and avoid the spread.  I have been using hand sanitizer on my hands and tools in between handling each plant and it seems to have paid off.

The sweetcorn is looking wonderful. Last summer I came home from the holidays to find it flattened.
Dead tomato plant
If this poor tomato plant is the only casualty of my time away then I guess that is ok.

Everything else is looking wonderful, although there is work to be done, weeds to pull, and plans to make and a Wong Bok that looks almost ready to turn into kimchi.  I’m not entire sure what 2021 will look like in my garden as I have yet to decide, but I am looking forward to the process.

Come again soon – I’m about to make some lists.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

10 thoughts on “Now the Year can begin

  1. Sarah, I don’t like to leave on vacation during gardening season. I have to set up automatic watering while I’m gone and hope for the best. It really seems so odd to see such a flush garden with snow and freezing temperatures outside my window. I’m glad you had a great time on the beach and in the walking paths in the bush. The best I can do here is to slide down the school house hill in the snow on the toboggan. Four times and my legs were screaming for mercy. No more climbing. I’ll just have to wait for the next snow.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. It is a little hard leaving the garden during summer but the family comes first. Tobogganing sounds fun, sometimes I wish we got a little bit of snow here for fun times like that! : o)

  2. Your corn does indeed look terrific! Sounds like you came home relaxed and revived, so I’m sure you’ll get in gear with all the planning and catch-up. Too cold to do anything BUT plan here!

  3. Your garden is looking fab! After just over 2 weeks away I’ve come back to all my lettuce and broccolini going to seed – I was away in Northland, and have had to remind myself not to be disappointed at how little everything has grown while being away!

    1. How frustrating. There were a few things that didn’t fare well in my absence too. It would be quite a contrast between Northland and your place… It is probably better to have a slow growing garden while you are a way than coming home to an overwhelming jungle that needs to be tamed. Have a wonderful new year. : o)

  4. That sounds a perfect holiday to me Sarah!! Making holiday memories probably more important than making kimchi Imho. I’ve just bought leek and silver beet seedlings which seems odd as I’m. Licking raspberries and strawberries. I have a very enthusiastic thyme rug. How best to store it so I can add to winter dishes?? Just snap freeze? Help I need the space to plant the beet.

    1. It was a wonderful holiday. I have to be really strong with myself when planting the cool season garden as it always seems too soon and I want summer to linger as long as possible! You can easily dry thyme by hanging bunches or even the whole plant upside down in a dry place or snap freeze would work well. I leave my thyme in a dedicated herb garden so I can have fresh herbs all year round. All the best with it. : o)

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